Drones Unleashed: From Battlefield to Temples and Beyond

Explore UAV innovations in the UMT Drone Dispatch: military contracts, cultural drone races, and groundbreaking software.

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By Robyn
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Good morning UAV enthusiasts! It's time to start your rotors and calibrate your sensors for today's edition of the UMT Drone Dispatch. We're soaring through the latest and greatest in the UAV world, with a dash of wit and a pinch of satire. Let's dive in!

AeroVironment Secures a Whopping $65M US Army Contract

AeroVironment Inc., based in sunny Simi Valley, California, has just snagged a juicy $65.4M contract for the Switchblade weapon system. With the work set to wrap up by April 30, 2024, it seems like the folks at AeroVironment will be busy bees! Redstone Arsenal's Army Contracting Command is handling the contract, marking a significant step in UAV military applications. Read more

FPV Drone Racing Goes Zen in Japan

In a delightful twist, Fuji Akinori, a Buddhist priest in Hiroshima, is merging technology with tradition. He's organizing FPV drone races through his temple, hoping to attract visitors and buzz to the region. A video of this innovative blend of drones and spirituality is circling the internet. Watch here

AeroGCS Software Hits Big with Rs 18 Crore in Orders

PDRL is making waves in the drone software market, securing orders worth Rs 18 crore (approx Β£1.7 million) for their AeroGCS software. With a 75% market share in India and significant adoption in agriculture drones, AeroGCS is revolutionizing mission planning, execution, and data analysis in the UAV sector. Read the full story

UK Pilots, Grab Your Rebates on Electronic Conspicuity Devices!

The UK Civil Aviation Authority is nudging light aircraft pilots to claim a 50% rebate on Electronic Conspicuity devices before March 31, 2024. These gadgets can prevent mid-air collisions and enhance situational awareness. So, British pilots, it's time to get tech-savvy and safer! Details here

Space-BACN: DARPA's Leap Towards Space Internet

DARPA has chosen MBRYONICS to develop the optical terminal for its Space-BACN program, aiming to connect different LEO satellite constellations. This could be a game-changer for high-speed internet in space. Explore Space-BACN

FlyRoute's National Expansion: A Drone Service Dream

Denver-based FlyRoute is spreading its wings nationwide with a Service Partner Program. Entrepreneurs, get ready to own a piece of the drone filming action for athletics! With 550 events a year and growing, FlyRoute is a launching pad for drone dreams. Learn about the program

Today's Tidbit:

Did you know that the Buddhist priest organizing drone races in Japan actually won a local drone race before setting up the temple course? Now that's a high-flying way to enlightenment!

Stay propellered, folks! Until the next flight through the UAV new universe, keep your drones up and your spirits higher! πŸšπŸ’«

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