The Ultimate 2806.5 Motor Showdown: Top Picks for 7-Inch Drones

Discover the best 2806 class motors for 7-inch FPV drone builds. Compare Brother Hobby, Xnova, GEPRC, and Emax for performance, efficiency, and torque

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By Alex
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In the ever-evolving world of First Person View (FPV) drone technology, choosing the right motor is crucial, especially for enthusiasts and professionals working with 7-inch builds. Today, we delve into an in-depth analysis from Chris Rosser between four remarkable 2806.5 motors from well-known brands: Brother Hobby, Xnova, GEPRC, and Emax. Our objective is to ascertain whether any of these motors can dethrone the current frontrunners in this category.

Brother Hobby Avenger 2806.5 1460 KV: A Lightweight Contender

The Brother Hobby Avenger 2806.5 1460 KV motor stands out with its lightweight design, weighing just 46 grams. It features a two-piece bell design, an M3 shaft screw, and notably thick magnets. Despite its promising build, the motor underperforms in its actual KV rating, delivering less than its stated 1460 KV. This discrepancy leads to a lower maximum thrust and efficiency, making it a less desirable choice for those seeking top-tier performance. Brother Hobby Avenger 2806.5 1460 KV Specifications.

Xnova Freestyle Line 2806.5: Underperforming KV

The Xnova Freestyle Line 2806.5 is another lightweight motor, tipping the scales at 46.7 grams. Its thinner magnets, when compared to the Brother Hobby Avenger, suggest potential for good performance. However, the motor's rated 1300 KV significantly deviates from the test results, showing approximately 1150 KV. This lower-than-expected KV impacts its top-end performance, leading to reduced thrust and responsiveness. Xnova Freestyle Line 2806.5 Specifications.

GEPRC SpeedX2 2806.5 1350 KV: Average Yet Reliable

Weighing 50.5 grams, the GEPRC SpeedX2 2806.5 1350 KV motor boasts a unique unibell design, reminiscent of a shuriken. Its rated KV closely matches the tested KV, suggesting reliability in performance. This motor delivers average performance across thrust and efficiency metrics but falls slightly short in terms of motor responsiveness. GEPRC SpeedX2 2806.5 1350 KV Specifications.

Emax ECO2 2807: Top Performer with Slight Weight Disadvantage

The Emax ECO2 2807 is the heaviest among the tested motors at 54 grams. Featuring multicore windings and a two-piece bell design, this motor excels in maximum thrust, torque, and responsiveness. Its slightly higher weight is the only factor that marginally affects its overall score, especially in weight-normalized comparisons. Emax ECO2 2807 Specifications.


In this batch of 2806.5 motors, the Emax ECO2 emerge as top performers, with the ECO2 leading in terms of responsiveness and torque. However, its weight is a consideration for some builds. The Brother Hobby Avenger and Xnova Freestyle, while lightweight, fall behind due to lower performance metrics. Given the price and performance, for me at least, the Eco II is the one to go for.

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