Exploring the Potential of Small O3 Drones: A Deep Dive into the YMZ FPV Eagle One

7 months ago   •   3 min read

By Alex

Small drones are increasingly popular among enthusiasts for their versatility and capabilities. In this exploration, we delve into the YMZ FPV Eagle One, a compact drone capable of carrying the DJI O3, known for its superior video quality in the FPV hobby. This blog post examines the Eagle One's features, performance, and potential in the world of small, freestyle drones.

The Quest for a Compact Drone with DJI O3 Compatibility

The challenge lies in integrating the relatively large DJI O3 into smaller drones. This pursuit has led to innovative designs like the GepRC Dark Star, but our focus is on freestyle drones that offer agility and the ability to perform aerial tricks.

YMZ FPV Eagle One: Design and Build Quality

The Eagle One stands out with its CNC parts and carbon fiber body, replacing typical TPU components with more robust materials. This results in a luxurious feel and a sturdy build. Originally available in an analog version, the company has now introduced a digital model with the DJI O3.

Weight Considerations

A critical aspect is the drone's weight. Without a battery, it weighs around 127g. With a recommended 380mAh 4S battery, it reaches approximately 176-179g, including a slightly heavier 450mAh battery.

Flight Performance and Battery Options

Despite its weight, the Eagle One offers impressive flight performance. It can handle both the recommended 380mAh and the 450mAh batteries without a significant difference in handling, providing up to 4 minutes of flight time.

Indoor and Outdoor Flight Experience

The Eagle One is power-packed, making it more suited for outdoor use where its capabilities can be fully utilized. It's fast, agile, and capable of executing complex freestyle maneuvers.

Vibration Handling and Camera Mounting

The O3's sensitivity to vibrations is well-managed in the Eagle One. The drone uses a unique plastic insert for camera mounting, effectively reducing vibration impact on the video quality.

Hardware Specifications

  • All-in-One (AIO) Card: Features a 40-amp ESC from an unspecified small manufacturer, adequate for the drone's demands.
  • Receiver Options: The drone supports various receivers like Crossfire or ExpressLRS, thanks to its dedicated receiver space.
  • Motors: Equipped with RC in Power 1204 5000 KV motors, enhancing the drone's agility and responsiveness.
  • FC: F722-40A FC & ESC (possibly HakRC F722 AIO)
  • ESC: 2-6S 40A ESC
  • VTX: O3 Air Unit
  • RECEIVER: ELRS 2.4G Receiver/TBS Nano Rx (SE)
  • MOTOR: RCINPOWER 1204-5000KV Motor
  • CAMERA: O3 Camera
  • PROP: Gemfan 2023-3
  • WHEELBASE: 100mm
  • DIMENSION: 121 x 99 x 58 mm
  • WEIGHT: 123g

Self-Installation and Cost-Effectiveness

For those who already own an O3 or can acquire it separately, opting for the drone without the O3 module can be cost-effective. The installation process is straightforward, requiring no soldering.

Pricing and Where To Buy

At a base price of $479, not including shipping and potential customs fees, the Eagle One's cost can exceed $500. This pricing is a significant consideration, especially for a 2-inch drone.


The YMZ FPV Eagle One is a remarkable entry in the small drone market, balancing size, power, and advanced features. It presents a compelling option for enthusiasts seeking a compact yet capable freestyle drone.

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