Helicopter Hits Drone & AI Funding Soars: UAV Industry's Latest Headlines

Today's UAV highlights: A dramatic drone-helicopter collision, Shield AI's massive funding boost, KEF's AI advancements, CubePilot's golden giveaway, and NAWCAD's pivotal role.

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Collision Course: DJI Mavic 2 Meets Helicopter

Volusia Sheriff's Office Incident - A DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone, while filming for a construction company, unfortunately, played chicken with a Leading Edge Helicopter Tours chopper over Daytona Beach Flea Market. Spoiler alert: The chopper won. The impact caused a hefty $60,000 bill for rotor repairs and turned the drone into expensive confetti. Both pilots, thankfully, are unharmed, but their egos might need some mending. The incident, a stark reminder of airspace safety, is now under the watchful eyes of the NTSB and FAA. Moral of the story: Keep your eyes on the sky, not just the tablet!

Shield AI's Series F Funding Soars to $500M

Shield AI Update - In a move that's making waves, Shield AI, the tech whiz behind the world's best AI pilot for aircraft, has beefed up its Series F funding to a jaw-dropping $500 million. Talk about AI pilots becoming the new rockstars of the aerospace and defense world! Shield AI's CEO, Ryan Tseng, likened them to strategic deterrents on par with aircraft carriers. The company's Hivemind AI is making drones smarter, enabling them to fly fighter jets and even dogfight like Top Gun pros. This funding round is more than just a cash influx; it's a testament to the transformative power of AI in national security.

Shield AI Funding

KEF Robotics: A New Star in the Drone Sky

KEF Robotics Careers - KEF Robotics isn't just playing with drones; they're redefining their capabilities. Currently on the hunt for a GNC engineer with a knack for SLAM (no, not the poetry kind), KEF is all about developing autonomous drones that can zip through the trickiest of environments. If you're a robotics whiz who dreams in C++ and Python and has a soft spot for AI and drones, KEF might just be your new tech haven. Plus, they promise a kickass office in Pittsburgh and the chance to be a 'low-key badass' - how can one resist?

KEF Robotics Hiring

Cube Autopilot's 10th Anniversary: Win Gold!

CubePilot Celebration - It's a golden opportunity, quite literally! CubePilot is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a bonanza of Gold Cubes and other shiny prizes. Keep your eyes peeled for Philip Rowse's fleeting appearances on sUAS News, and you might just strike gold. The prize draws are happening live on the first Tuesday of each month throughout 2024. It's like Willy Wonka, but for drone enthusiasts!

NAWCAD Seeks Director for Rapid Prototyping and Innovation

NAWCAD Recruitment - The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) is on a mission to find its next director for rapid prototyping, experimentation, and demonstration. If you're a distinguished scientist or engineer itching to

shape the future of Naval Aviation, this might be your calling. From unmanned logistics to advanced crewed-uncrewed teaming, this role is at the forefront of innovation. Application details are just a click away!

NAWCAD Recruitment

That's your UAV industry round-up for today! Stay tuned for more buzzing news from the drone world tomorrow. Don't forget to fly safe and smart! 🚁✨

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