How To Connect Any Quadcopter Drone Gear

As a beginner it can be quite confusing when it comes to connecting all of your FPV quadcopter electronics for the first time. To make things worse some things in the hobby don’t always come with particularly great instructions. However, as you build more drones you will notice that there are alot of common ways to connect everything, even if the electronics are different. So rather than writing another guide specific to some flight controller this guide will teach you the basic concepts to allow you to figure out how to hook just about anything FPV related.   

Click the links below to read up on how to connect the various aspects of your FPV quadcoper together.  If you have read this guide and still need some help, or want someone to check your build please post a question of our friendly forums in the help section.

Part 1: Connecting your Motors and ESC

This will show you how to identify the connections on the various types of ESC and also how to connect them to each other and your flight controller.

Part 2: Connecting your R/C Receiver

This guide talks about the different types R/C receivers and how to hook them up to your flight controller. 

Part 3: Connecting your FPV camera and VTX

This article talks about FPV gear for your drone, and how to connect them together.  It also includes some information on using an on screen display (OSD)

Part 4: Powering your Drone

This topic covers everything you need to know about powering your quadcopter.

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