Thinking of Buying the Jumper T20? Read This First

Bruce reviews Jumper's new T20 RC radio - impressed by the quality sticks and case but concerned about Quality Control issues on the initial units. Read this before buying.

6 months ago   •   2 min read

By Alex
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A new RC radio that feels fantastic, but has some flaws

Our buddy Bruce over at RC Model Reviews just put out a new video reviewing the Jumper T20 radio control system. As usual, Bruce goes deep with his analysis, clocking in at over 30 minutes! But I watched the whole thing and pulled out the key details for you in this quick read.

The T20 is Jumper's new 20 channel, full-size RC transmitter. Out of the box, Bruce was impressed with the look and feel, saying it seems like a much more expensive radio than its $140 price tag.

The Good

  • The sticks feel fantastic - smooth and adjustable for tension and throw. Bruce says they are like what you'd find on a $250 transmitter.
  • The case has a nice ergonomic grip and good weight balance.
  • It includes the excellent open-source ExpressLRS protocol which is known for long range and reliability.
  • Passive cooling seems effective even at 1W power output.
  • The OLED screen, while small, provides the needed info.

The Bad

  • A number of the switches and controls seem low quality or poorly thought out. The analog slider bars and latching buttons especially.
  • No SD card slot, audio files are onboard memory only.
  • Jumper does not have a great reputation for quality control or after sales service, this radio seems no different.
  • Some potential issues with the speaker connector placement next to a sensor.

Jumper's Quality Control Issues

In the video, Bruce highlights some concerning quality control problems with the T20:

  • His unit arrived broken out of the box - no audio due to an unsoldered speaker wire.
  • The internal coax cable was badly pinched and squashed.
  • Jumper's "quality control certificate" was completely blank!

Bruce says Jumper has a history of rushing products to market before fully testing them. There appears to be very little quality control on these units before they ship.

So there is a good chance you could receive one that doesn't work properly or has internal damage. Definitely buy from a local retailer if possible so you can easily exchange it if issues arise.

The Bottom Line

Bruce really likes the feel of the gimbals and case and will be using it for many of his models. But he recommends buying it locally if possible, so you can easily exchange it if needed. Jumper seems to have a habit of rushing products out before all the bugs are worked out.

So if you get a good one, the T20 could be an amazing value.  Otherwise be sure to check out the full video for all the details

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