RunCam Split 3 📷

5 years ago   •   2 min read

By Alex

Hey did anybody else notice the new addition to RunCam camera’s? They just slipped it on to there site, didn’t even see any announcements anywhere.

I’ve been using RunCam cameras for a while now anything from a FPV Cam, Split Cam and now my latest RunCam 5 ( nice camera by the way ).

RunCam are not just releasing one camera 😱 they have two on offer. 👍
So lets take a closer look and explore what they have on offer.

Spec Overview

They have a Micro 19x19mm and Nano 14x14mm. They both come with there own mounting brackets Micro 19mm to 28mm and the Nano 14mm to 19mm.
So that should pretty much cover all the standard camera mounting sizes.
Both cameras are connected via a stronger flexible ribbon cable to the 29x29mm (20x20mm mounting ) control board.

The Weight

The cameras are both light weight 14g for the Micro and 10.5g for the Nano making it idea for those smaller builds. Something like a 3inch build, the nano camera, light weight and the single control board should work really well.

Video Resolutions

Supported resolutions are listed below however, most people will set it at 1080@60 or 30fps.
Setting it to 1080@50fps normally has a strange stuttering effect.

  • 1080@60 , 50 , 30fps
  • 720@60fps

Power-off protection

RunCam have added a power-off protection feature to this model of the camera. So when you crash, cause we all crash, and your lipo ejects you wont lose the last part of your video.

Easy installation

  • Standard mounting bracket.
  • Mounting Dimensions 20x20mm.
  • SD card protector.
  • Solder pads on all on the same edge.

Where to Buy

Full Specification

In summary

Its small, light and records in HD what more do you need from a nano split camera?
Yes it has a mic but the audio is never usable. So I just mute it out on any edits.
I’ve already added it to my shopping list for a 3inch build.
Will you add it to yours?

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