Turn your Breeze into an HD FPV quadcopter!

8 years ago   •   2 min read

By Alex

Yuneec have just announced an all new FPV controller bundle for the Breeze 4k Quadcopter that lets you turn it into a immersive FPV quad. Its not quite fully blown FPV racer, but its certainly easier to fly and adds to the experience for this tiny quadcopter drone! Just mount your smartphone to the VR headset and connect the Xbox style controller and you are good to go. Otherwise you also have the option to mount your smartphone to the controller itself if you prefer to use your phone as a monitor and still have the extra piloting precision of the controller.

Breeze FPV Controller allows users to pilot their Breeze in a new way. The portable Game Style Controller is connected to the smart device via Bluetooth, and enables users to fly the Breeze accurately with physical joysticks and buttons. It is compatible with the Breeze Cam application (Breeze Cam is a remote-control application for Breeze) on iOS devices (above iOS 8.0 version) and Android devices (above 4.4 version), so you can use the controller to operate the Breeze instead of the touch screen on your smart device.

The Breeze FPV Controller features two view modes: “FPV” Mode and “Normal” Mode. In “FPV” you can view the live video-feed from the Breeze through the FPV Goggles. In “Normal” you can attach your smart phone to the controller and view the live video feed on your smartphone. You can view all the important flight information such as altitude, battery life and more on the screen in both modes.

You can also use the controller to use all the key features such as selecting photo/video mode, starting recording or taking a photograph, auto take-off and landing, returning to home and much more.

Key Features

  • Adjustable Angle smartphone mount
  • Choose between FPV and Normal Mode
  • Compatible with Breeze Cam App
  • Easy charging via USB
  • Headset compatible for people who were glasses
  • Splitscreen in FPV Mode
  • Adjustable eye width and focal length

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