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By Alex

The Kopis 1 was a highly reviewed quadcopter and still holds its own against many competitors today, over a year later.  But despite this, HolyBro have stepped it up again to bring us the Kopis 2.   With all the latest tech packed into the Kopis 2, will it be best pre-built quadcopter of 2018?  Read on to find out.

The Specs

As the saying goes, Holybro have thrown the kitchen sink into their Kopis 2 as it comes with just about every latest Betaflight feature/tech you can think of. Below are the key specifications:

  • Kakute F7 Flight Controller (with damped 32Khz ICM20689 Gyro)
  • Atlatl V2 VTX (with BF CMS support to change channels/power levels via the osd)
  • Tekko32 35A 4in1 ESC running BLheli32 (rebranded Airbot Typhoon32)
  • T-Motor F40 Pro 2 2400Kv motors
  • Runcam Swift Micro FPV camera
  • DAL Cyclone T5046C Propellers

It Rocks The Latest Tech On The Flight Stack

As the Betaflight developers add new features and push the envelope of what is possible with your quadcopter, they need more processing power. Since betaflight 3.4, there has been a large focus on optimising the code to run on F7 hardware which will allow developers to take full advantage of the extra computational resources. So right now it makes total sense to use an F7 flight controller at the heat of the Kopis 2. This means that with each Betaflight release you will be able to use all the latest features without worrying about CPU utilisation being too high.

Out of the box, you can run both your Gyro and PID loop at 32Khz along with Dshot1200 to give new motor commands at lightspeed. The Tekko32 35A ESC which is just a re-branded version of the Airbot Typhoon 32, is probably one of the best 4in1 Blheli32 ESC currently available. And given the impressive reputation of the previous Kakute F4 boards, we can all expect the Kakute F7 to offer more of the same, but just faster.

At the top of the stack is the Atlatl V2 VTX from Holybro.  The V1 had some issues but we have been selling the V2 now for a couple months and not had any returns.  The Atlatl supports the betaflight CMS so you can set the power level, change channel all from the convenience of the betaflight OSD menus, just another neat touch that will make the Kopis 2 great to use.

The Frame

The frame on the Kopis 2 is probably the most boring part.  That said I do think it has a very nice look to it with the bronze colour scheme.  This matches nicely with the motors too.  Talking about motors we all know that T-Motor ares are one of leading motor manufacturers.  The F40 Pro II provide decent thrust along with class leading efficiency to let you fly that bit longer before needing to change your battery.

The simple frame design is also incredibly functional as you do not need to remove any components (other than the motor) to swap an arm after a bad crash.

The worst part of the frame is the 3D printed camera mounts. I know some FPV pilots are not big fans of this, but I myself think this type of mount is a good compromise. In a bad crash, the mounts usually break offering some protection to your camera. And the plus side is you can easily just 3D print some more, or worst case, order some cheaply.

Should You Get One?

If you want to be on the cutting edge of this hobby, the Kopis 2 will not disappoint. In addition to being on the cutting edge, Holybro has essentially built an FPV quadcopter using the very best parts. And if that is not enough, Joshua Bardwell was consulted during the development of the Kopis and will also be providing the stock PID tune for the Kopis 2. He has also been involved with writing the excellent manual you get with this quad. Although this quadcopter is at the upper end in terms of price, it is still great value for money if you are looking for a premium ready built quadcopter.

We will publish our full review once we actually get our hands on one in a couple weeks, so if you don’t yet completely trust what Holybro say then it’s best to wait until it is out int he wild before you hand over your cash. But based on our experience selling Holybro stuff for the last 2 years, I can say they are one of the better manufacturers out there who do actually back their products.

Where To Buy

Thanks for reading and if there is anything specific you would like to know about this quadcopter, or anything FPV related in general be sure to visit our friendly forums linked below.

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