Autel EVO Lite Plus vs DJI Mini 3 Pro: A Detailed Comparison and My Top Pick

Explore the Autel EVO Lite Plus vs DJI Mini 3 Pro - a detailed comparison and personal choice, featuring key features, performance, and top pick.

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By Robyn
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In the arena of cutting-edge drone technology, two contenders have made significant waves: the Autel EVO Lite Plus and the DJI Mini 3 Pro. Released in 2022, these drones represent the pinnacle of design and functionality in their respective classes. In this article, we'll dissect the nuances of each, drawing from my extensive experience with both models, and ultimately reveal why the DJI Mini 3 Pro is my drone of choice.

Release Timeline and Design Aesthetics

  • Autel EVO Lite Plus: Released in January 2022.
  • DJI Mini 3 Pro: Debuted in May 2022.
  • Design Differences: The EVO Lite Plus draws inspiration from its predecessors in the Autel Evo II series, boasting a foldable design. The Mini 3 Pro, meanwhile, broke the mold of its lineage with a more compact and lightweight structure.

Usage Experience

Over the past year, we have looked at reviews and spoken to many pilots (both hobbyist and professionals). Both models have proven their mettle in diverse environments. Despite the age of the drones, they are both still used and prove to offer excellent value for money.

Key Features and Specifications

Autel Evo Lite Plus

  • Launch Date: January 2022.
  • Key Features:
    • 40-minute flight time.
    • Three-way obstacle avoidance.
    • 1-inch camera sensor for 20 MP high-resolution photos.
    • No geofencing restrictions.
  • Professional Appeal: The camera's 20 MP adjustable aperture and ability to shoot 6k video cater to professional needs.

DJI Mini 3 Pro

  • Launch Date: May 2022.
  • Unique Selling Points:
    • Obstacle avoidance system.
    • Sub-250 g weight.
    • Vertical shooting capability for social media.
    • 10-bit, 4k 60 fps video.
  • Convenience for Travelers: Its lightweight design makes it ideal for travel and recreational use.

The Deciding Factors: Why DJI Mini 3 Pro?

  • Versatility: Ideal for both professional and recreational use.
  • Portability: Its sub-250 g weight makes it incredibly travel-friendly.
  • Advanced Features: The Mini 3 Pro excels with features like vertical shooting and high-quality video capabilities.

Comparative Analysis: Autel Evo Lite Plus vs DJI Mini 3 Pro

Camera Quality

  • Winner: Autel Evo Lite Plus, with its superior 1-inch sensor and adjustable aperture.

Flight Performance

  • Winner: Autel Evo Lite Plus, offering stability and speed.

No Geofencing

  • Winner: Autel Evo Lite Plus, for unrestricted flying experiences.

Portability & Convenience

  • Winner: DJI Mini 3 Pro, for its unmatched lightweight and compact design.

Remote Controller Compatibility

  • Winner: DJI Mini 3 Pro, offering more versatility in controller options.

Battery Options

  • Winner: DJI Mini 3 Pro, with its two battery options providing extended flight times.

Intelligent Flight Modes

  • Winner: DJI Mini 3 Pro, for its advanced Focus Track capabilities.


Both drones are exemplary in their own right, but the DJI Mini 3 Pro edges out the Autel Evo Lite Plus in key areas that align more closely with my needs. It strikes a perfect balance between a travel-friendly design and professional-grade features. Therefore, for those seeking a versatile, high-performing drone, the DJI Mini 3 Pro is an outstanding choice.

Thank you for joining us on this aerial journey through the realms of the Autel EVO Lite Plus and DJI Mini 3 Pro. We hope this excursion has enlightened your drone-selection voyage. If you fancy staying aloft with the latest in drone tech and more savvy insights, do consider subscribing to our newsletter. It's your first-class ticket to the most up-to-date news, reviews, and exclusive content, delivered straight to your inbox.

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