Beta FPV Unleashes the Pavo 25 V2: A Compact Powerhouse Set to Rival the GepRC Cinebot30

Explore the Beta FPV Pavo 25 V2: A compact, versatile drone rivaling GepRC Cinebot30, ideal for both cinematic and freestyle flying.

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The Beta FPV Pavo 25 V2 has emerged as a significant player in the FPV drone market, notably becoming a direct competitor to the well-regarded GepRC Cinebot30. With its compact frame, versatile capabilities, and robust build, it offers an appealing blend of features for both cinematic and freestyle drone enthusiasts.


  1. Compact and Powerful Design: The 2.5-inch frame, combined with 1505 motors, ensures a compact yet powerful drone, ideal for various flying styles.
  2. Versatile Flight Capabilities: Excelling in both cinematic and freestyle flying, it caters to a broad range of drone flying activities.
  3. Extended Flight Time: With the right battery, it provides up to 6-7.5 minutes of flight, which is substantial for its class.
  4. Customizable: With options for different camera setups and LED lighting, it allows for personalization according to user preferences.
  5. Innovative Battery Mounting: The unique battery mounting system adds to the ease of use and security during flight.
  6. Stable Flight Experience: The inverted motor design reduces turbulence, providing smoother airflow and enhanced stability.
  7. Durable Prop Protection: Metal components in the prop protection add to its durability, making it resilient to minor crashes.


  1. Complex Repairability: The sturdy design complicates repairs, as damage to the prop protection requires complete disassembly.
  2. Limited USB Access: Retrieving data can be cumbersome due to the need to unscrew and lower the VTX for USB connection.
  3. Soldered Motor Connections: The lack of motor connectors increases the effort required for motor replacements.
  4. Tight Internal Spacing: The compact nature of the drone might require specific tools like 90° connectors for internal access and modifications.
  5. Potential for Micro-Vibrations: Some users may need to fine-tune the setup to eliminate minor vibrations during flight.

Why You Should Consider Buying the Beta FPV Pavo 25 V2

The Beta FPV Pavo 25 V2 is a strong choice for drone pilots who seek a versatile, powerful, and customizable drone. Its competitive stance against the GepRC Cinebot30, along with its array of features, makes it a compelling option in the current drone market.

  1. Competitive Edge: As a direct rival to the GepRC Cinebot30, it offers similar capabilities in a potentially more appealing package, especially for those who value a more compact design.
  2. Dual Functionality: Ideal for pilots who want a drone capable of both high-intensity freestyle and smooth cinematic shots.
  3. Customization Options: Its adaptability in camera mounting and aesthetics makes it a great fit for users who enjoy personalizing their drones.
  4. Durability: Built to withstand minor crashes and impacts, it is suitable for pilots who may be pushing their skills in challenging environments.
  5. Value for Money: Given its range of features and performance capabilities, it offers good value for its price point, especially for drone enthusiasts looking to explore beyond basic models.

Where To Buy

FPV Community Reaction

The FPV community's response to the Beta FPV Pavo 25 V2 is predominantly positive, reflecting a keen interest in this new entrant to the market. Many users are impressed by its promising features and performance, comparing it favorably to established models like the GepRC Cinebot30 and the Cinelog 25 v2.

There's a clear appreciation for the Pavo 25 V2's power, especially noted in its 1505 motors on a 2.5" frame, which many find impressive. The duality of the quad, capable of both smooth cinematic shots and agile freestyle flying, is a highlight for several users. Enthusiasts like @tonymorgan328 and @pandrews01 praise its flying capabilities, with some, like @Dorff_Meister and @cestohvxd, curious about its ease of assembly and suitability for specific tasks like building diving.

However, there are concerns about the quad's tight internal space and the complexity of installing components like the DJI O3, as mentioned by @Dorff_Meister. The conversation about its ability to replace larger quads, as brought up by @erlandfpv, suggests that while the Pavo 25 V2 is impressive, it might not be a one-size-fits-all solution for every FPV pilot's needs.

In terms of comparisons, several comments inquire about how the Pavo 25 V2 stacks up against similar models, indicating a healthy competition within the market. This competitive edge seems to be working in the Pavo 25 V2's favor, as many users, including @GOAT_Preacher and @SpirusFilms, are considering it as a serious option for their next purchase.

Overall, the sentiment is one of excitement and curiosity, with many in the community eager to see how the Pavo 25 V2 performs in real-world scenarios, particularly in comparison to its peers in the FPV drone market.


Feature Pavo25 V2 Pavo25
Wheelbase 112mm 108mm
FC F722 35A AIO V2 F405 AIO 20A Toothpick V4
Motor 1505 | 4600KV 1404 | 4500KV
Battery Connector Fixed XT30 XT30
Frame Pavo25 V2 Brushless Whoop Frame Pavo25 Frame Kit
Support VTX DJI O3 Air Unit, Walksnail Avatar HD Pro Kit, Caddx Vista Kit, RUNCAM Link, Analog camera
Caddx Vista Kit/RUNCAM Link, Analog camera
Support Camera DJI O3, Avatar HD Pro, Caddx, RUNCAM series Caddx, RUNCAM series 19mm, Analog 19mm
19mm&20mm HD, Analog 19mm
Flight Times 6~8 min
Props GF D63 3-Blade
RX Version ELRS, TBS
Recommend Battery 4S 650mAh~850mAh

Design and Build

Frame and Motor Configuration

  • Compact Frame: The Pavo 25 V2 boasts a 2.5-inch frame, compact yet capable of accommodating powerful motors.
  • Motor Power: It features 1505 motors powered by a 4S battery, ensuring high power and agility, a significant upgrade from its predecessor.
  • Propeller Design: The drone is equipped with Gemfan D63 three-blade cine style props with a bullnose design, offering a balance of smoothness and power.
Pavo25 compared to Pavo25 V2

Prop Protection and Durability

  • Durability: The drone integrates metal components in its prop protection, enhancing its resilience.
  • Maintenance Considerations: While this design adds durability, it also affects repairability as any damage requires disassembling the entire unit.

Connectivity and Assembly

  • Ease of Setup: The Pavo 25 V2 is designed for ease of assembly, though it requires attention to detail to avoid issues like loose screws.
  • USB Access: Accessing the USB connection for data retrieval can be slightly inconvenient, as it involves unscrewing the VTX.

Performance and Flight Experience

Flight Characteristics

  • Versatile Flight Modes: The drone excels in both cinematic and freestyle flying, thanks to its powerful motor setup and responsive controls.
  • Battery Influence: Flight performance varies with different battery sizes, affecting overall weight and flight characteristics.

Flight Time

  • Endurance: With a 4S 850 Lipo battery, users can expect up to 6 minutes of freestyle flying or around 7 to 7.5 minutes for cinematic flights.

User Experience

Camera Mounting and Customization

  • Camera Flexibility: The drone allows for various camera mounting options, including full-size GoPros, supported by miniature grommets and large bolts.
  • LED Customization: Users can add a personal touch with optional LED lights in various colors, easily connected via a JST connector.

Maintenance and Repairs

Repairability: Four bolts release the prop guard system, simplifying maintenance. However, the tight design necessitates the use of 90° connectors for port access.

Battery Mounting

The battery mounting system features an easy-to-use strap that slides through aluminum connectors, ensuring a secure battery fit.

Inverted Motors

The inverted motor design minimizes frame interference, promoting smoother airflow and a more stable flight experience.


The Beta FPV Pavo 25 V2 stands out in the cinewhoop market for its compact design, powerful motors, and versatile camera mounting options. It competes closely with the GEPRC Cinebot 30 but carves its own niche with a unique balance of power and agility. Ideal for both cinematic shoots and high-energy freestyle flights, this drone is well-suited for enthusiasts who value performance and versatility.

The Pavo 25 V2 is a compelling option for those looking for a drone that can adapt to a range of flying styles and environments. Its design and capabilities make it a strong choice for both personal and semi-professional use. Thanks for reading!

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