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By Alex

OK so look what dropped today on Facebook.
Caddx are releasing their own HD Box Camera to compete with the likes of Foxeer Box 2 and the RunCam 5.

Release Date: 10th July 2019

What we know

So Caddx are holding back on the finer detail at the minute but this is what we do know

  • Size: 38x38x36mm.
  • Weight: 49g.
  • 3Hrs continuous recording.
  • Waterproof.
  • SONY “EXMOR” Sensor Starlight camera.

So lets take a look

  • Same size as a Session 5 that’s good as many frames have mounts created already.
  • It says 3Hrs continuous recording but it doesn’t say at what resolution with only weighing 49grams that’s one light battery.
  • It’s Waterproof a lot of people feel that this is missing from a lot of other cameras at least now if you crash in water and recover your quad your footage should still be intact to show that epic splash crash.
  • The SONY “EXMOR” CMOS Sensor with Starlight technology from what I’ve found online should give good performance in low light due to its larger photodiode (image sensor) and has two stages of noise reduction.

So for now only time will tell how well it works and how it compares but I’m hopeful for now.

13 July 2019 – Update

Caddx have now published more details on there site, so lets take another look.

Reading through the information it doesn’t look like Caddx just had FPV in mind but also has a live streaming mode.

The Dolphin and be connected to the internet via a QR Code ( could be generated from a phone app ) on “internet mode” it sets the Resolution to 1920×1080 @ 15fps and can use Cloud storage ( free for 3days ).

The Starlight illumination feature looks to offer good vision in night.

Full Specification

In Summary

This camera may not have the best features or the highest resolution but does it still have a use to somebody within the hobby?

I think so. You could use the camera on your more “RISKY” flights where you don’t want to risk your good camera, or fly over water it is water proof after all. How about on a 3inch build? it only weights 49g

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