Diatone are building a Toothpick 🦷

5 years ago   •   2 min read

By Alex

If you are a fan of the toothpick class, you will be happy to see that Diatone are going to be releasing their own toothpick class quadcopter in a month or two. To make things better, they are going about it the best way possible by consulting with KebabFPV, the guy who created the toothpick class.

Specifications (to be confirmed)

  • Flight Stack: 16×16 Mamba Stack F4, MCU, 12A ESC, 200mW VTX
  • Motors: Mamba 1103 1000Kv
  • Camera: Runcam Nano 2
  • Frame: Super skinny carbon fibre design

Is it quite fun to see a slightly different take on the typical toothpick frame, as this one is trying to something a little different. The canopy seen in the photos is not the final version as I imagine it will be an injection moulded part.

To hear more from KebabFPV himself about his collaboration with Diatone on this frame check out his latest video here

Why are toothpick class quads so awesome?

Simply put because they are so small you can fly around without much worrying about it causing any damage, or breaking itself. And if you do have a terrible crash the parts itself are fairly quick and cheap to replace. And dont let the size fool you, toothpick class quads have more than enough power to never feel limited to do a trick you want. Pretty much anyone who has tried a proper toothpick class quad has fallen in love. Its like a tiny whoop that with the power of a 5 inch quad.

We will update this post with more info as details are announced.

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