AtomRC's Dolphin vs Swordfish vs Penguin: A Skyward Showdown!

Explore the showdown between AtomRC's Dolphin, Swordfish, and Penguin models! Dive into their strengths, quirks, and see which one reigns supreme for different flying styles. Inspired by Painless360's recent insights.

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By Robyn
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Hey, fellow flying enthusiasts! So here's the lowdown on three of AtomRC's stars: the Dolphin, the Swordfish, and the newbie, the Penguin. Recently, the amazing Painless360 dropped a video about these three, and I'm here to distill the key points for you. Let's dive in!

AtomRC's Stellar Lineup:

All three of these models are impressive flyers, so much so that they’ve been given their own spots in Painless360’s flying fleet. They might seem quite similar at first glance, but there are some nifty differences that set them apart.

Dolphin: The Speedy All-Rounder

Ah, the Dolphin! This one's got a special place in our hearts. It’s not only Painless360's favourite but also:

  • The fastest of the trio, and possibly the most robust.
  • An excellent all-rounder; from slow to relatively fast speeds, this guy can handle it all.
  • Super spacious interior for all the tech goodies.
  • Breaks down for easy transport, although the main body and vertical stabilizers are fixed.
  • A slight downside? Some tweaks are needed for modern HD FPV systems. Here's hoping for a Dolphin Pro soon!

Swordfish: The Gentle Glider

The Swordfish, with its twin props, feels more like a glider.

  • It’s the biggest of the lot when fully assembled.
  • Brilliant for relaxed flying; think floating around, hunting for thermals.
  • While it's good at slow speeds, the narrow body does mean a tad less room inside.
  • Just a heads up – even with the wings off, it’s a bit tricky to transport.

Penguin: The Agile Newcomer

Here comes the newbie, the Penguin.

  • A combo of the Dolphin and Swordfish, it's fun, agile, and efficient.
  • Great for both relaxed flights and those aggressive manoeuvres.
  • Plenty of space inside, with an easy setup for HD FPV systems.
  • While it isn't the fastest, it's efficient, fun, and still a bit bulky even with the wings off.

Comparing Scores:

  • Toughness: Dolphin takes the lead here. It’s survived countless crashes and still flies high.
  • Efficiency & Noise: Both the Penguin and Swordfish score top marks due to their spacious battery bays and twin props setup.
  • Speed: Dolphin is the speed champ, followed by Swordfish and then Penguin.
  • Internal Room: Dolphin boasts a spacious interior, big enough to rent out (well, almost).

The Right Model for the Right Mood:

  • Dolphin: Best for diverse flying styles and conditions.
  • Swordfish: Perfect for those serene days when you want to soar with the birds.
  • Penguin: Great for general flying without the need for high speeds.

Final Thoughts:

No matter which one you lean towards, there isn't really a bad choice. For acrobatics, the Dolphin shines. If floating and soaring is your jam, Swordfish is your mate. But, if you're looking for a combo of the two, the Penguin's your guy.

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