NewBeeDrone HummingBird v3: The Best Bang for Your Buck?

Discover the buzz around the NewBeeDrone HummingBird v3! Dive deep into Nick Burns' review insights, weighing its soaring highs and potential nosedives. Is it the next must-have in your drone fleet? Read on!

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By Robyn
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Alright, tech enthusiasts, grab your goggles and joysticks! Let’s dive deep into the NewBeeDrone HummingBird v3. If you're a fan of drones, or even if you're just starting out, this one's got some features that might pique your interest. Based on the latest review video by Nick Burns, we've dissected the deets for you.

The Good:

  • Price Point: At a launch price of just around $89, it seems like a pretty affordable option for the features it offers.
  • Warranty: The NewBeeDrone whoops are unique in that they come with a frame warranty (note: doesn't cover the canopy).
  • Tech Specs: Sporting 0802, 25000 KV Motors, and tri-bladed Azi props, this little machine is ready to zoom around.
  • VTX Power: While some might consider 25 milliwatts on the lower end, it can be ideal for certain environments, especially those with RF challenges.
  • Weight: This feather-light drone weighs just 21.86 grams, going up to just over 30 grams with the recommended battery.
  • Extra Goodies: With each purchase, you get an extra set of props and a sheet of stickers. Who doesn't love stickers?
  • Performance: Nick mentions that NewBeeDrone quads, especially the pre-tuned ones, always fly pretty nicely.

The Bad:

  • Canopy Concerns: The canopy seems to be a fragile point as Nick broke his during indoor flights.
  • OSD Update Speed: The On-Screen Display (OSD) might not be as quick in updating as some other models out there.
  • Camera Angle: This model doesn't feature an adjustable camera angle, which can be a little limiting.
  • Connector Issues: Despite being gold-plated, the PH2 connectors might not be the best choice for maintaining battery voltage for extended periods.

Who Should Buy It:

If you're looking for an affordable drone that packs a punch without emptying your wallet, the NewBeeDrone HummingBird v3 is worth considering. Ideal for both beginners exploring the drone world and experienced pilots on a budget. Also, if you're the kind who has a tendency to crash now and then (hey, we've all been there), that frame warranty could come in handy.

Extra Notes:

  • Flight Time: Expect around 2 minutes and 35 seconds of flight, which is decent for its size and motor configuration.
  • Outdoor Flying: Flying outside? Watch out for winds. This lightweight drone might not handle heavy gusts too well.
  • Unique Features: NewBeeDrone has introduced some unique features like foam pads that can prevent scratches if you're doing some indoor tricks or wall rides.
  • Protocol: It's a relief to many that they’ve moved away from FR Sky, which can be problematic, especially with certain firmware versions.
  • VTX: While some might prefer drones with higher milliwatt VTXs, the choice to stick with 25 milliwatts might be to increase reliability and lifespan.

Alright, tech heads, that’s a wrap on our look into the NewBeeDrone HummingBird v3. If you've found this article enlightening, we invite you to dive deeper into the world of FPV through our regular newsletter. From detailed reviews, like this one, to industry news, insider tips, and innovative tech spotlights, we keep you up to speed with the ever-evolving FPV hobby.

Stay curious, stay informed, and as always, happy flying!

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