Frsky ACCESS Protocol - It's Awesome ๐Ÿ‘Œ

5 years ago   •   2 min read

By Alex

Frsky recently announced their new protocol they have been working on, called ACCESS
(Advanced Communication Control, Elevated Spread Spectrum). From what they said, this protocol is going to be be pretty awesome not only in terms of performance, but also ease of use. Read on to learn more.

If you have used TBS crossfire for long range, you will probably love the wireless binding, updating and configuration process for your receivers. And for me this is the stand out feature of this new ACCESS protocol. The cool thing is that it will be backwards compatible with most of the current FRsky receivers and transmitters so you dont have to go buy loads of new gear. Right now Frsky said that the X, XM, RX, GX and S series equipment will all eventually receive support for ACCESS.

But apart from this ACCESS also offers improved latency, and up to 24 full range channel support and better security. Below is the full list of features.

Better Performance and More Secure

  • 24 Full Range Channel Support.
  • Lower Latency and Higher Baud.
    • 8 channel mode: Fixed 11ms latency / Telemetry upstream rate increased 40% / Telemetry downstream rate increased 60%
    • 16 channel mode: 14 ~ 23ms latency / Telemetry upstream rate increased 40% / Telemetry downstream rate increased 60%
    • 24 channel mode: 14 ~ 23ms latency / Telemetry downstream rate increased by 60%

Easier to Use

  • Wireless Updates and Configuration using Smart Match. Smart Match uses dual certification on your RX and TX to ensure you cant get your signal hijacked. The signals are all uniquely encrypted to prevent others for interfering.
  • Automatic Binding. Once your RX is registered to your TX, you can easily bind without physically accessing your RX (no more annoying bind buttons)
  • Use a backup radio. This is great for racers, as you can setup a radio as backup, and simply switch over to it, without the need to rebind all your your receivers.
  • Trio Control. This lets one transmitter to control up to three receivers (telemetry and signal) per model for extra redundancy.
  • Receiver Channel Mapping. If using lots of servos, or PWM signals you don’t need to worry about where you plug your wires into your RX, you can change all the outputs via the radio now.
  • Integrated Spectrum Analyser and Power Meter. The new ACCESS firmware lets you survey the airwaves before you fly to ensure there is no interference that will cause any issues.

So bottom line, the ACCESS protocol is a step in the right direction and something I am looking forward to using as soon as it is available.

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