Is the HGLRC Talon the Ultimate 2" Cinewhoop?

Discover the HGLRC Talon in our comprehensive review: robust design, versatile performance, and ideal for both indoor and outdoor flights.

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By Alex
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Based on comprehensive reviews from various YouTube channels, we've crafted an in-depth analysis of the HGLRC Talon, synthesizing key insights to save you time and help you make an informed decision. This article combines perspectives from veteran FPV enthusiasts, featuring detailed evaluations of its performance, design, and usability.

The Good:

The HGLRC Talon impresses with its technical specifications and performance enhancements, particularly its Project Mockingbird tune which optimizes the PID settings for an enhanced flight experience. It sports 1303.5 5500 KV motors and supports a 4S battery on an XT30 connector, providing robust power and responsiveness. The drone includes a 15 amp all-in-one flight controller that, while only accessible via a USB port, underscores its compact and integrated design philosophy.

This model is available with either a DJI 03 Air Unit or an analog variant, catering to different preferences in video transmission technology. Its frame design is not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing, offering a choice of colors like peach, purple, green, and blue, though these options were noted to be hard to find for purchase.

For ease of maintenance and customization, the drone features a modular design with 3D-printed components for mounting cameras and antennas. It also comes with handy extras such as additional wiring harnesses, battery straps, and a comprehensive set of stickers for personalization and quick reference.

Overall both KremerFPV, Nick Burns, and Drone Camps all think that this is one of the best 2" cinewhoops currently available.

The Bad:

Despite its many strengths, the Talon has notable drawbacks. Access to the flight controller is somewhat restricted, requiring removal of the battery strap, which can be a hassle for frequent adjustments or repairs. The camera mount offers limited adjustability for camera angle, which could be a limitation for pilots preferring aggressive flight angles for racing or acrobatic flying.

Users have also reported that the propeller protection can occasionally flex too much, leading to prop damage during impacts. Furthermore, while the drone handles moderate winds well thanks to its tuning, its performance in high-wind scenarios and complex maneuvers like dives could be inconsistent, particularly towards the end of battery life. The placement of the XT30 battery connector could be better optimized to prevent potential damage during crashes, suggesting a minor design oversight that could affect longevity and maintenance ease.

Why You Should Buy the HGLRC Talon:

The HGLRC Talon is a solid choice for both novice and experienced FPV pilots. It offers a great blend of stability, smooth flight characteristics, and robust design. The inclusion of Project Mockingbird's tuning makes it particularly appealing for those looking to fly with precision and control. Additionally, its ability to accommodate both analog and digital transmission systems makes it versatile for different user preferences.

The drone's durable build and thoughtful design touches like integrated LED lights for visibility and aesthetic appeal further enhance its value proposition. If you're looking for a reliable and well-performing FPV drone that balances performance with practical design elements, the HGLRC Talon is worth considering.

Overall, the HGLRC Talon stands out for its performance tuning, versatile design options, and thoughtful inclusion of extras, making it a comprehensive package for both recreational and competitive FPV flying. Whether you're capturing cinematic footage or diving through tight spaces, the Talon offers a compelling mix of features that should satisfy a wide range of FPV enthusiasts.

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