iFlight Nazgul ECO FPV Drone: The Budget King of 2024?

iFlight Nazgul ECO FPV Drone: a budget-friendly choice in Analog and HD versions, offering top-notch performance without breaking the bank.

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The iFlight Nazgul ECO FPV Drone is making waves as one of the most affordable Bind-and-Fly (BNF) 5-inch FPV drones in 2024. Priced at just $199.99, it challenges budget models like DarwinFPV’s offerings but stands out with superior hardware. As FPV technology advances, buying a prebuilt drone like the Nazgul ECO is becoming more practical and cost-effective than building one from scratch. This review synthesizes insights from several YouTube reviewers, providing a comprehensive analysis to help you decide if the Nazgul ECO is the right drone for you.

Key Takeaways from YouTube Reviewers

According to various YouTube reviewers, including insights from Justin Davis, the iFlight Nazgul ECO comes in two versions: an analog version priced around $200 and an HD version compatible with the DJI O3 system at $399. The analog version is recommended for beginners due to its affordability and ease of use, especially when paired with the Boxer radio. The HD version offers superior video quality with 4K recording at 60 frames per second.

For beginners, it is suggested to start flying in angle mode, which offers full stability and is ideal for getting a feel for the drone. Once comfortable, pilots can progress to Horizon mode and finally to Acro mode, which allows for flips, rolls, and freestyle flying.

Reviewers also highlighted the drone's ability to hold a GoPro, making it a versatile option for capturing high-quality footage. The drone's light-to-dark transition performance is decent but not perfect, with some reviewers noting a preference for a GoPro in certain lighting conditions.

Where To Buy:


Available Versions:

  • Analog Version: Priced around $200, recommended for beginners.
  • HD Version with DJI O3: Priced at $399, offers 4K video recording at 60 frames per second.

Shared Components:

  • Flight Controller: BLITZ ATF435
  • ESC: BLITZ E55S 4-IN-1 ESC
  • VTX: BLITZ 1.6W
  • VTX Antenna: Albatross V2
  • Motors: XING E Pro 2207 1800KV
  • Propellers: Nazgul F5
  • Receiver: iFlight ExpressLRS 2.4GHz RX

Nazgul ECO vs. More Expensive Nazgul Models

The iFlight Nazgul ECO FPV Drone is designed to provide exceptional value by utilizing cost-effective components without sacrificing performance. Here's how it compares to the pricier Nazgul models:

  • Flight Controller: The Nazgul ECO uses the BLITZ ATF435, a more affordable alternative to the F7 flight controller found in higher-end models. While the F7 offers more processing power and features, the ATF435 is sufficient for most pilots, making the ECO a cost-effective choice.
  • Motors: The Nazgul ECO is equipped with XING E Pro 2207 1800KV motors, which are excellent for budget-friendly performance. In contrast, the more expensive Nazgul models use the XING2 motors, which provide slightly better performance but at a higher cost.
  • Price: The Nazgul ECO’s main advantage is its price. While the more expensive Nazgul drones offer slight improvements in components, such as the F7 flight controller and upgraded XING2 motors, these enhancements come at a significantly higher cost. The Nazgul ECO offers similar capabilities at a fraction of the price, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.

The iFlight Nazgul ECO FPV Drone offers a fantastic balance of affordability and performance, making it a compelling choice for both beginners and seasoned FPV pilots. With its robust build, quality components, and user-friendly setup, it stands out as a top choice in the FPV drone market. For those who want high performance without the high price tag, the Nazgul ECO is a clear winner.

The Good

Affordability and Value

The Nazgul ECO is almost $40 cheaper than the popular Nazgul V3, primarily due to its use of the cost-effective AT32 chip instead of the STM32 F7. This makes it a highly attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.

Build Quality

Despite its low price, the Nazgul ECO boasts impressive build quality. It features a minimalist design, ample space for cooling, and includes a GoPro mount for easy camera installation. The motor wires are protected with plastic tubes, adding a clean and professional look.


Equipped with powerful XING E Pro 2207 1800KV motors and a 1.6W VTX, the Nazgul ECO is designed for both freestyle and long-range flying. The inclusion of iFlight’s logo with an LED light on the bottom adds a touch of style.

Easy Setup

Setting up the Nazgul ECO is straightforward, with detailed guides available for binding the receiver and configuring Betaflight. The flight controller supports Betaflight 4.5 and offers 6 UARTs, providing flexibility for future upgrades.

The Bad

Camera Quality

The included analog camera, “RACECAM,” is mediocre, with a small field of view and slow exposure changes. Upgrading to a better camera like the Ratel V2 is recommended for improved video quality.

Limited GPS

The drone does not come with a GPS module by default. While iFlight offers an optional GPS for an additional $39, it is more cost-effective to install your own GPS unit if you are comfortable with soldering.

Connector Issues

The ExpressLRS receiver is connected via a connector, which can fail mid-flight. Soldering the receiver directly to the flight controller is a more reliable option.

Current Sensor Calibration

The current sensor is inaccurate out of the box and requires calibration for precise readings. This might be solved with future versions based on initial feedback from early customers.

Why You Should Buy This Product

The iFlight Nazgul ECO offers exceptional value for money, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced FPV pilots. It’s cheaper than many DIY builds and comes with high-quality components that ensure reliable performance. If you prefer flying over building and want a well-tuned drone out of the box, the Nazgul ECO is hard to beat. With its robust hardware, easy setup, and potential for customization, this drone is a versatile addition to any FPV enthusiast’s collection.

Final Thoughts

The iFlight Nazgul ECO is a standout option in the budget FPV drone market. Its combination of affordability, build quality, and performance makes it a compelling choice for anyone looking to get into FPV flying without the hassle of building a drone from scratch. While there are a few areas for improvement, such as the camera and GPS, the overall value and capabilities of the Nazgul ECO make it a top contender in its category.

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