Jumper's New T20 Radio Transmitter Packs a Powerful ELRS Punch

Jumper-RC unveils the feature-packed T20 radio transmitter with EdgeTX firmware, ELRS connectivity, replaceable antennas, Hall gimbals, OLED screen, metal rollers, external module bay, and more for next-level control of RC models.

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By Alex
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RC enthusiasts, rejoice! Jumper-RC has unveiled an exciting new addition to their transmitter lineup that is sure to turn heads. The eagerly anticipated Jumper T20 packs a ton of pro-level features into a full-size radio perfect for pilots of all skill levels.


Built around the ultra-long range ExpressLRS control link protocol, the T20 provides rock-solid connectivity and lower latency than ever before. It runs on open-source EdgeTX firmware, giving you endless customization and support for nearly any RC model imaginable.

Key Features

  • Supports helicopters, multirotors, planes, cars, boats and more
  • Open-source EdgeTX firmware is fully customizable
  • Integrated ExpressLRS module with up to 1W output
  • Replaceable antenna and external heatsink
  • Hall gimbals or RDC90 options available
  • OLED screen and CNC metal rollers
  • Universal expansion bay for additional modules

Power and Precision

Dual 21700 Li-Ion batteries give you long flight times, while the proven gimbal options provide silky-smooth control response. The sturdy metal frame and grip pads lend confidence, allowing you to focus on commanding your aircraft.

Cutting-Edge Compatibility

Thanks to the built-in ExpressLRS module, FrSky R9/R9M, Ghost, TBS Crossfire, and other systems are supported with additional hardware. The ultra-responsive Hall gimbals and familiar, intuitive controls make the T20 a thrill to fly.

Technical specifications

  • MCU: STM32F407ZET6
  • Screen: OLED 1.3″ (resolution 128*64)
  • Rocker Stick Size: Standard
  • Hall Sensor gimbals: Hall sensor / RDC90
  • Built-in RF: ELRS (915MHz/2.4GHz)
  • Transmission power: max 1000mw
  • Antenna interface: SMA
  • External module interface: reserved (1.25mm-SP)
  • External module power supply: XT30 (2S2A output)
  • TF card: built-in chip (officially recommended by E0GETX)
  • Working voltage: 6-8.4v
  • Battery: 2pcs of 21700
  • Size: 185x188x68mm
  • Weight: 448g (w/o battery)

Take Your Skills to New Heights

Whether you're an aspiring pro or seasoned veteran, the Jumper T20 opens up new possibilities. Harness its capabilities to push your skills and creativity farther than ever before. The sky is no longer the limit!

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