Smoke Stoppers - Your Best Friend for FPV Drone Building

Smoke stoppers like the VIFLY ShortSaver V2 are essential for protecting your FPV builds. This smart stopper fully cuts power in 3ms if it detects shorts or spikes. Dual modes, an integrated switch, minimalist design, and reasonable price make the ShortSaver a must-have for all drone builders.

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By Alex
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Building your own FPV drone can be an incredibly rewarding hobby. But we've all been there - heart pounding as you plug in a new build for the first time, praying you don't see any smoke. I don't know about you, but I'd rather not turn my quadcopter into a mini barbeque

Hey FPV Pilots, Let's Talk About Not Turning Your Drone Into a Barbeque πŸ”₯

That's where a smart smoke stopper like the VIFLY ShortSaver V2 comes in. This nifty little device can detect wiring issues and cut power before any serious damage happens. As an avid FPV builder myself, I think every pilot should have one of these in their toolkit.

In this article, I'll give you the lowdown on smoke stoppers, why the ShortSaver V2 kicks butt, and how it can make your builds safer. Stick with me, and you'll be an expert in no time!

What the Heck is a Smoke Stopper Anyway?

In the FPV world, we jokingly refer to smoke emerging from your electronics as "magic smoke." Because once that smoke comes out, the magic of making your gear work is gone forever!

Protecting Your Gear from Expensive Magic Smoke 🚭

More formally, a smoke stopper is a safety device that prevents electrical damage from excessive current, shorts, or bad wiring. It stops the full current draw from reaching your expensive components.

Without protection, those 150C discharge batteries we use can supply hundreds of amps if shorted - basically an arc welder! Even a brief short can fry sensitive electronics in an instant.

Bulbs and Fuses Just Don't Cut It

Old school options like light bulbs or fuses aren't the best solution. They only limit current, which means some can still get through to damage parts. Especially with today's powerful lipo batteries, we need full disconnection fast to prevent toastage.

The VIFLY ShortSaver V2 monitors current draw and completely cuts power if it detects a spike, protecting your gear. Let's look at why it's so effective!

VIFLY ShortSaver V2 - The Ultimate Short Stopper

Complete Disconnection Means No More Magic Smoke

The ShortSaver isn't messing around - it fully cuts power off if it detects a short, preventing any damaging current flow.

Some other stoppers just use resistance or fusing to limit current. But the ShortSaver electronically disconnects the circuit - no more flux capacitors frying on your watch!

Lightning Fast 3ms Response Time

Quick reactions are key to save your gear from shorts and bad wiring. The ShortSaver reacts in a blazing fast 3 milliseconds when a spike occurs.

For comparison, it takes about 100ms for you to blink your eyes. So the ShortSaver is disconnecting 30 times faster than that! It's way quicker than other options out there.

Dual Mode For Flexibility

The ShortSaver has switchable 1A and 2A thresholds to match different build power draws. This prevents false triggers but still catches any spikes.

Use 1A mode for smaller quads and 2A for bigger drones pulling more idle current. It's nice to have options to fit your specific build.

Onboard Switch Makes Binding a Breeze

Binding up receivers has never been easier! The ShortSaver has an integrated on/off switch, so you don't need to unplug your battery for power cycling.

Just hold the bind button and flip the ShortSaver's switch - way simpler than trying to plug in your lipo with one hand!

The ShortSaver uses name brand Amass XT30 and XT60 connectors on the battery and drone sides.

This means you can use it to test configs with different battery/drone connector types. Like plugging an XT30 battery into an XT60 drone with no adapters needed!

Compact Size, Minimalist Design
The ShortSaver V2 packs protection into a tiny 42x30x10mm PCB, protected by a clear heat shrink wrap.

No bulky housing or casing here! The minimal design keeps it lightweight and portable for tossing in your field repair kit.

Bonus: 3D Printable Case Available

If you do want a protective case, VIFLY provides free STL files to 3D print an enclosure. Just download and print if you want a little more shielding for rugged use.

Using the VIFLY ShortSaver V2 - My Experience

Speedy Short Detection in Just Seconds

I've tested the ShortSaver V2 on a couple builds now, and man is it fast to detect issues!

For example, I intentionally wired up a quad with a direct battery to motor short as a demo. As soon as I plugged in the lipo via the ShortSaver, it cut power in less than a second. No magic smoke escaped!

For normal use, it allowed regular current draw and didn't false trigger as long as I built things cleanly. Definitely gives me confidence before maiden flights!

So Much Easier Than a Multimeter

I used to bust out the multimeter and check every connection on a new build before. It worked, but talk about tedious and time consuming!

The ShortSaver makes things so much simpler - just plug it in and go fly if it stays green. No more poking around measuring amps on every pad.

Binding Receivers in Seconds

I found the integrated power switch makes binding up receivers absolutely painless and save with the Vify shortsaver. A nifty extra special feature!

Before, it was always tricky simultaneously holding the bind button while plugging in the battery. Now I just:

  1. Hold bind button
  2. Flip ShortSaver switch on
  3. Release button after LED flashes
  4. Flip switch off and back on to power up

Couldn't be easier! No more contorting hands to get things bound.

Is the VIFLY ShortSaver V2 Worth It?

For a budget-friendly Β£9 or so, I'd say the ShortSaver V2 is a no brainer for your toolkit. It can prevent hundreds in fried electronics damage with each use.

The fast response time, flexible settings, and compact design really make the ShortSaver stand out from other options.

I think the onboard switch and quality connectors add lots of utility too. For the price, it's impossible to beat for such valuable protection.

Every FPV builder should grab one of these for some peace of mind. No more high anxiety maiden flights wondering if your new baby will smoke!

Wrap Up

That covers the basics on protecting your builds with a smart smoke stopper like the VIFLY ShortSaver V2!

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Smoke stoppers prevent electrical damage from shorts and bad wiring by cutting power
  • The ShortSaver fully disconnects and reacts in 3ms to save your components
  • Dual 1A and 2A modes provide flexible protection for different builds
  • Integrated switch makes receiver binding a breeze
  • Minimal and lightweight design with quality connectors

If you're an FPV builder, do yourself a favor and grab a ShortSaver! Your wallet and nerves will thank you later.

Let me know if this helped explain smoke stoppers and why the V2 is so great. If you have any questions or suggestions, please ask in the comments below! Happy building!

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