No More Battery Blues: Meet the SpeedyBee BEC Adapter for DJI Goggles

Discover the remarkable features of the SpeedyBee BEC Adapter for DJI goggles in this comprehensive review. Find out how this affordable, convenient gadget frees drone enthusiasts from the limitations of dedicated DJI batteries, enabling you to power your goggles with any LiPo battery.

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By Alex
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We've all had that moment, right? Gearing up for a flight with DJI goggles 2 and grumbling over the battery restrictions. Well, our savior is here in the form of the SpeedyBee BEC Adapter, offering us the freedom to power our goggles from external LiPo batteries. This handy tool was recently highlighted in an informative review video by Whirly Bloke, who presented the BEC Adapter in a very practical, user-friendly way.

Key Details of the SpeedyBee BEC Adapter

Whirly Bloke commences by discussing the various versions of DJI goggles and their respective power sources, stressing the limitations posed by recent models. Unlike the V1 goggles, which can be powered using an external LiPo battery (ranging between 3 and 6S), the V2 goggles require a specific DJI battery. While this can still be powered by a 3 or 4S LiPo, the newest model, the V2 Goggles, have a tighter voltage requirement (7-9 volts) and a unique DC Barrel connector, forcing users to rely on costly DJI batteries.

But the days of OEM DJI battery frustration are over, thanks to the innovative solution from SpeedyBee - the BEC Adapter. This affordable piece of tech is accompanied by all the cables needed for all three goggle versions and won't set you back more than 19 bucks or around 15 pounds.

Easy Setup and Comprehensive Features

The setup process, as Whirly Bloke demonstrates, is incredibly straightforward. He uses a standard 5000 milliampere 3S battery for his FPV goggles, plugs in the USB, and then connects the DC Barrel connector that DJI uses for the goggles. The adapter also features a small button displaying input voltage, output voltage, and the current being drawn by the goggles, keeping you informed at all times.

But wait - there's more! In true SpeedyBee style, the adapter also comes equipped with short circuit, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection. And let's not forget about the essential low voltage alarms, providing crucial alerts to prevent your battery from running dangerously low.

🛒Where To Buy

SpeedyBee has once again demonstrated why it's a game-changer in the drone tech industry. With the BEC Adapter, you can power your goggles V2 or goggles V1 with whichever LiPo battery you want - a freedom that comes with a very reasonable price tag of around £15 . It's about choice and convenience, after all. And, as Whirly Bloke concludes, it's well worth the investment for the ability to fly all day on this old LiPo.

FPV Community Feedback

The FPV community has embraced the SpeedyBee BEC Adapter with open arms, lauding its functionality, affordability, and ease of use. It's been celebrated as an essential gadget that doubles as a LiPo voltage checker, adding to its versatility. Users have expressed their satisfaction with the product's performance.

One of the major benefits cited by the community is the product's ability to liberate drone enthusiasts from the constraints of dedicated DJI batteries. The convenience of using any LiPo battery has been highlighted as a game-changer, creating an easier and more cost-effective flying experience.

While the feedback is largely positive, the community has also given some constructive criticism, such as the suggestion for an audible low voltage alarm. This kind of feedback is valuable in driving further product improvements and shows the commitment of the drone community to advancing technology for a better flying experience.

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