Orqa FPV.One now on Kickstarter for €589 - 🚚 Shipping Sept-Oct 2019

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By Alex

Its been a long time in the making, but we can all finally order a set of Orqa FPV.One goggles. Pricing is better than expected at €589 considering you are getting a Rapidfire module with it. This works out to approximately be the same cost as purchasing a set of HDO goggles with the Rapidfire RX module.

Key Differentiators over Fatshark HDO

Right now the Fatshark HDO’s ar ethe king of the FPV goggles, but that may change with teh Orqa FPV One goggles. Here is what sets them apart.

  • Resolution
    • FPV.One – 1280 x 960
    • HDO – 960 x 720
  • Field of VIew (FOV)
    • FPV.One – 44Β°
    • HDO – 37Β°
  • Aspect Ratio
    • FPV.One – 4:3 or 16:9 (at 720p)
    • HDO – 4:3
  • Display Type
    • FPV.One – OLED
    • HDO – OLED
  • Integrated DVR
    • FPV.One – Yes, with option to use mobile phone to get view
    • HDO – Yes
  • IPD Adjustment
    • FPV.One – 56 -74mm
    • HDO – 59 – 69mm
  • Head Tracking
    • FPV.One – Yes, built in
    • HDO – Yes, optional extra

So basically the Orqa FPV.One is looking like it will definitely give the Fatshark HDO a run for its money. The only thing left to consider is the support that Orqa will offer. This is something that has given Fatshark an advantage over other competitors as they still offer support and repairs even for discontinued units (for a small repair fee if its not under warranty)

Where to Buy

Would you ditch your Fatshark goggles for the Orqa FPV.One? What do you like most about your FPV goggles, we want to know!

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