New Fatshark goggles promise to bring OLED to the masses πŸ‘

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By Alex

We can all agree that the Fathshark HDO are the best FPV goggles right now. Sure they are expensive but the OLED display along with the nice optics make the FPV experience so much better than anything else. Orca FPV are trying to compete for the this title but they are rumoured to be even more expensive than the HDO which already cost around $499/Β£450.

But today Fatshark have announced they are going to be releasing a new attitude V5 FPV goggle with OLED displays that will come in at around $300 USD.

Key Features

  • Uses the fatshark attitude shell.
  • 30Β° Field of View with 4:3 aspect ratio. (HDO has a 37Β° FOV)
  • 59 to 69 mm IPD adjustment.
  • Uses 2x 640 X 400 OLED Display. (HDO uses 960 x 720 OLED Display)
  • Optional built in diversity receivers, with the option for an external RX module bay.
  • Built in DVR.
  • Fatshark still refuse to install a power button, and you still have to use a balance lead for the fan.
  • Very competitive price

So overall the attitude goggles are looking to be the best mid range goggles around. So if you have been envious of your buddies HDO goggles with their fancy OLED display, you can now one up them with the Attitude V5, as you can spend the extra money you saved on more quad parts! The only thing is that the HDO still has a slightly wider FOV at 37Β° and a higher resolution OLED display.

Where to Buy

Full Specifications

Optic Engine:  
Field of View (FOV) 30Β°
Inter-pupillary Distance (IPD) 59 – 69mm (adjustable)
Diopter Lens Slot: Available (lens purchased separately)
Display Resolution 640 x 400 OLED
Video formats NTSC / PAL auto selection
DVR Analog video recording
  SD card support to 32GB (AVI file)
  Support playback recording file
  Firmware upgrade via SD card
  Auto save recording file when power off
Wireless Receiver True Diversity Receivers with OLED display
  (Auto Scan Channel / Spectrum Analyzer)
Interfaces: DC Power port
  AV in/out port
  Earphone Jack
Color: Green and Black
Fan Plate: Face foam and velcro sticker (easy replacement)
  Anti-fogging mini fan
Accessories Attitude V5 OLED Headset
  5.8GHz Diversity receiver with OLED display
  5.8GHz SpiroNET Circular Polarized antenna
  5.8GHz FS RHCP patch antenna
  18650 Li-ion Battery Case
  Zipper case for carrying
Dimensions 168 x 83 x 71mm
Weight 193g
Package Size 215*136*87mm

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