Pavo Pico vs Mobula 8 HD - Which Micro Quad is Best?

Renowned FPV pilot Nick Burns compares the Pavo Pico and Mobula 8 HD micro quads in a thorough back-to-back review. See how these two ripper quads stack up for cinematic vs aggressive flying. Learn their strengths and weaknesses from flight tests in real world conditions.

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Renowned FPV pilot Nick Burns recently compared two of the hottest micro quads on the market - the Pavo Pico and the Mobula 8 HD. In his thorough video review, Nick puts these tiny ripper through back-to-back tests to see how they stack up for real world freestyle and cinematic flying.

Comparing Two Different Beasts

At first glance, the Pavo Pico and Mobula 8 HD seem quite different. The Pavo Pico features an open prop guard design with smooth flowing lines. In contrast, the Mobula 8 has a more traditional protected "toothpick" style frame with complete prop hoop protection. However, both quads pack Caddx's new Nebula Nano camera and run on 2S batteries, making them comparable in key areas.

For his review, Nick focused on assessing their actual flight characteristics under real world conditions. He aimed to find out how they handle, their speed and agility, and how durable they are when pushed hard.

Thorough and Fair Testing Methodology

To make the comparison as fair as possible, Nick flew the quads back-to-back on the same days in similar lighting and wind conditions. He shot circles and complete battery packs to capture smooth cruising flight. Nick also recorded indoor punches to assess maximum performance.

During testing, Nick synchronized and edited together clips of the same maneuvers so viewers could directly compare their speed, handling, and video stability side-by-side. He even matched video segments based on his daughter sitting in the same spot for both quads!

Slow and Steady - The Pavo Pico Excels

For smooth, slow flying Nick found the Pavo Pico handled light winds much better. Its lightweight open frame design allows it to cut through choppy air with less input from the pilot. At low speeds, the Pico seemed to float steady in the air compared to the Mobula 8.

The Mobula 8 took more throttle to maintain the same slower, relaxed pace as the Pico. Overall, the Pavo Pico looked noticeably smoother and steadier for scenic, cinematic flying in Nick's test footage.

BetaFPV Pavo Pico

Punching It - The Mobula 8 Flexes Its Muscle

When it came time to punch it and fly aggressively, the Mobula 8 clearly flexed its muscle. With its larger motors and props, Nick was able to wring noticeably more punch and speed out of the Mobula 8 compared to the Pavo Pico.

Nick also noticed the Pavo Pico wobbled slightly at zero throttle while the Mobula 8 felt locked-in and rock solid at full stick deflection. The Mobula 8's extra power was very evident in Nick's side-by-side indoor speed runs.

Durability - Frame Design Plays A Key Role

For durability, the Mobula 8's fully protected frame will likely hold up better in crashes. The Mobula 8's sturdier steel camera mount is also less likely to break off compared to the Pavo Pico's nylon standoff design.

The Pavo Pico's minimal open frame and simple camera mounting seem more prone to damage if really pushed hard. However, the Pavo Pico allows removing the prop guard which improves durability. Overall, the Mobula 8 looks more indestructible.

Conclusion - Pick The Style That Suits You

In the end, Nick found both micro quads performed well but each excelled in different areas. For smooth, cinematic flights the Pavo Pico is the clear winner. If you want to rip around at full throttle, the Mobula 8 takes the cake.

So there you have it - Nick's thorough head-to-head evaluation of the Pavo Pico and Mobula 8 HD. His analysis provides excellent insight into the real world strengths and weaknesses that matter for FPV pilots. Be sure to watch his full review video for all the nitty gritty details on these two impressive quads!

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