Putting the Mobula 8 w/ DJI O3 to the Test: A Review

Discover the innovative pairing of the Mobula 8 with DJI O3. Experience the thrilling revolution in FPV drone technology as we delve into features, flight performance, and the unique surprises this combo offers

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By Robyn

Hello drone enthusiasts! We're delving into a fascinating discussion today, revolving around the Mobula 8 with DJI O3. This post is a detailed analysis based on a recent video by drone expert, Nick Burns. For those of you familiar with the initial version of the Mobula 8, you're in for a treat as we explore the enhancements of the final version of this drone, which now requires you to add your DJI O3. Intriguing, isn't it? Let's dive deeper!

So What's New With the Mobula 8 DJI O3?

Nick began his review by emphasizing the Mobula 8 DJI O3 drone's uniqueness. He clarified that the drone would not be delivered with a DJI O3 already installed, a factor that could potentially result in a lower-than-expected price tag. This means customers need to purchase the DJI O3 separately and then attach it to their Mobula 8 drone. Once this step is complete, the drone is prepared for intense drone action.

He further noted that much of the Mobula 8 DJI O3's hardware mirrors that of its precursors, such as the Walksnail and HD Zero models. Furthermore, Nick highlighted the weight of the new drone, which is a just 83 grams with the O3 air unit installed.

Battery selection and the implications of weight on performance are pivotal considerations when operating the Mobula 8 DJI O3 drone. Nick, in his extensive review, highlights the ideal batteries used on this drone are 1S 550mah.

Although these weight differences seem small, they have a meaningful impact on the drone's handling, agility, and flight duration. Lighter drones can typically fly for longer and maneuver more easily, while heavier drones might offer stability, especially in windier conditions. Therefore, the choice of battery not only influences the drone's weight but also indirectly dictates its flight characteristics, adding an extra dimension of customization for drone enthusiasts. This flexibility allows operators to tailor their drone setup to specific tasks or flight conditions, adding to the appeal of the Mobula 8 DJI O3.

In addition, Nick brought attention to the "motor post to motor post" measurement, which he found to be approximately 87 and three-quarter millimeters, suggesting a compact and agile design. All these characteristics, in combination, position the Mobula 8 DJI O3 as a notable player in the drone market.

Putting it Through its Paces

If you've been curious about how the Mobula 8 performs under real-world conditions, Nick offers some fantastic insights. He test-flew the drone in challenging weather conditions, with temperatures soaring up to 103 degrees. Despite an overheated aircraft processor, the drone's performance did not disappoint.

In terms of flight styles, the Mobula 8 DJI O3 is pretty versatile. Whether you're into smooth, cinematic, slow flying or you prefer a racing style, this drone offers an impressive range of capabilities. In terms of the highest visual FPV experience with a micro drone, the Mobula 8 DJI O3 seems to have secured its spot.

In the video, Nick also discussed the battery warning voltage and recommended that users leave it almost at stock to avoid the O3 from powering off. He found that the annoying low battery warning on screen was better than running it so low that the O3 powered off.

An Inside Look

Nick also gave an inside look (literally!) at the drone, exploring how well it performs indoors. The drone's ability to navigate through a home setting was impressive, with solid control even at higher speeds. However, there were a few crashes, resulting in a broken frame, so keep in mind that indoor speed runs might require a certain skill set.

🛒Where to Buy

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In Conclusion

The Mobula 8 DJI O3 is proving to be a game-changer in the micro-drone market. It's the perfect drone for anyone seeking the top-tier visual experience of the DJI O3 in a micro-drone package. Just be prepared for a bit of DIY with the O3, and some potential repair work if you plan to push it to its limits indoors. As always, remember to let us know what you think about the Mobula 8 DJI O3 in the comments below. Happy flying!

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Stay curious, stay informed, and as always, happy flying!

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