Ink Over Pixels: Fly Tribe’s Analog Approach to a Digital Hobby

Fly Tribe Magazine: Pioneering a revolution in print, showcasing FPV drone culture, fostering community, and making the sky accessible to all!

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Welcome to a new age of community and camaraderie in the First Person View (FPV) drone world. 2023 heralded a new era when a group called Fly Tribe launched a physical magazine for FPV drones. This eclectic and determined team, much like the creators of Thrasher magazine's celebration of skateboarding, aims to bring the unique culture of FPV to life. Get ready to dive into the world of drones from an entirely fresh perspective.

Magazine May 2023 | Fly Tribe Magazine

The Birth of Fly Tribe Magazine

Fly Tribe, a lively group composed of Marcella, Billy Haggis, cjfpb, and Mick netcat fpp, began as a community for drone enthusiasts who met every Friday to fly and bond over their shared passion. The team observed a gap in the representation of the FPV culture; it lacked the community feel that they held so dear. Thus, the idea for a magazine was born. Originally intended for Fly Tribe members, the magazine received such positive feedback that the team decided to broaden their audience. Their dream was to bring the unique FPV community to people who may not have access to it, particularly those in remote areas.

Content Creation by Pilots, for Pilots

Fly Tribe has a unique model where pilots themselves create 95% of the magazine's content. This emphasis on community input makes the magazine a reflection of the people it represents. It’s not just for tech enthusiasts or drone veterans; it also highlights casual flyers and families who enjoy the hobby together. Fly Tribe also provides a platform for community members to share their videos, extending the reach and exposure of FPV culture to a broader audience.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Photography forms a vital part of Fly Tribe's content. The team rigorously curates photos from various contributors that embody a sense of community and evoke strong emotions. These snapshots, often raw and spontaneous, range from action shots of drones in motion to group photos highlighting the inclusivity of the community. While the team started with a local focus in Tampa, Florida, they are now reaching out to audiences far beyond their home turf.

Expanding Reach and Accessibility

Following the success of their first issue, the Fly Tribe team is well on its way to creating their second. They’ve also opened an online store selling merchandise related to the magazine, from shirts and hats to battery straps and bags. They're looking at ways to make the magazine more accessible and affordable for pilots worldwide, such as local printing and distribution in regions like Europe, South America, and Central America.

Inspiring Participation

Fly Tribe is all about getting people involved in the FPV community. They distribute magazines at various locations, including doctor's offices and dispensaries, to target all segments of the drone community. They’re encouraging community members to submit photos, articles, and videos to be featured in the magazine. They are sponsoring drone events, planning visits abroad, and are eager to feature drone enthusiasts from across the globe in their magazine.

Social Media Engagement and Quality

To enhance their outreach, Fly Tribe maintains active social media platforms, like Instagram, where they share promotional videos. Despite being novices in magazine creation, the quality of their work is impressive, boasting heavy pages and vibrant colors. Their dedication to the drone community is unwavering, as is their excitement for the release of their second magazine issue.

Building the Fly Tribe Community

The Fly Tribe team built their community from the ground up, initially posting on Facebook and personally inviting people to join. Their advice to others who wish to establish similar communities is simple – be persistent and consistent. As they prepare for their upcoming magazine release, they look forward to continued growth and community engagement.

How to Subscribe

Eager to get your hands on a physical copy of Fly Tribe Magazine? You can become part of this thriving community for just $19.99 every two months. Subscribing is easy; just visit the Fly Tribe website and follow the prompts. However, if you're based in the UK, we do need to warn you about the shipping costs, which currently sit around $40 which is rather steep.

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But don't fret if you're outside the U.S.! For those who prefer bytes to paper or are just looking for a more economical option, we offer a digital version of the magazine for only $13. Enjoy the same vibrant content, stunning photographs, and engaging articles right at your fingertips, accessible from anywhere in the world.

So there you have it – a revolution in print, a community in the sky. Fly Tribe is not just a magazine; it's a movement aiming to make the FPV culture more accessible, diverse, and appealing.  Don't forget to stay in the loop! For more on the latest and greatest in the unmanned tech world, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. Not only will you be the first to know about exciting updates, but you'll also gain access to exclusive content, tips, tricks, and a whole lot more. Dive into the fascinating world of unmanned technology with us; you're just a click away from discovery!

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