SpeedyBee Master 5 V2 FPV Frame: A First Look

The SpeedyBee Master 5 V2 FPV frame has a stretched X layout optimized for 5" builds. With durable carbon fiber, CNC aluminum, and versatile mounting options, it's ideal for HD video rigs or long range cruisers. Read our full review for details on geometry, accessories, and quality.

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By Alex
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Recently, I came across an interesting video by Painless360 that provided a first look at the new SpeedyBee Master 5 V2 FPV quadcopter frame. As someone who enjoys building and flying FPV quads, I wanted to highlight some of the key details about this frame for those considering it for their next build.

Details and Features

Frame Geometry and Design

As Painless360 showed in his video, the Master 5 V2 has a stretched X or mild deadcat layout with 226mm wheelbase. It's designed for 5-5.1 inch props and has 5mm thick arms. The camera is positioned forward to allow for freestyle maneuvers without propellers in view. There are removable LED panels for easy access to the flight controller.

Construction and Components

According to Painless360, the frame uses durable T300 3K carbon fiber with 7075 aluminum alloy parts. Standoffs, motor mounts, and other components appear high quality. The frame comes with 3D printed accessories for customization.

Focused on Versatility

As highlighted in the video, multiple mounting options are provided for flight controllers, cameras, GPS, antennas, and HD video transmitters. There's ample interior space for electronics. The design seems ideal for an HD cinematic rig or long range setup.

Cute Touches

Painless360 pointed out hexagonal cutouts and other details that match SpeedyBee's bee theme. The manual is well designed with useful diagrams. Overall, attention was paid to refining this frame compared to previous versions.

Final Impressions

The SpeedyBee Master 5 V2 looks to be a high quality frame optimized for 5" builds requiring lots of interior space, based on Painless360's first look. The versatile mounting options and extendable design makes it suitable for a variety of multirotor projects, from freestyle quads to long range rigs. While availability of full kit options is currently limited, the frame itself provides a great foundation for a custom build.

I'm excited to see frames like the Master 5 V2 pushing the hobby forward. As always, happy flying!

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