Radiomaster Pocket: Compact, Affordable, and Unstoppable in the FPV World!

Explore the Radiomaster Pocket, a game-changing FPV controller with innovative design & features. Discover why it's the perfect budget-friendly choice!

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By Alex
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Radiomaster is back with a bang! Introducing the Radiomaster Pocket, a remarkable new product release that is turning heads and catching attention. This FPV controller comes with some really enticing features and boasts a competitive $65 price tag. From its compact design to battery life, ergonomics, and so much more, let's dive in and discover why it's creating a stir in the tech world.

Impressive Build and Price Performance

The Radiomaster Pocket is not your average FPV controller. Known for its quality, Radiomaster once again delivers an impressive device. With its hybrid gamepad box style, this solid piece of tech defies its price point. And thanks to a clever design that houses the main board and two 18650 batteries, it addresses the pesky issue of battery life that has plagued other models like the Zorro.

Adaptability and Ergonomics

Whether you're a traveler, a beginner, or a pro looking for a sidekick, the Pocket has got you covered. Its compact form factor doesn't mean you'll outgrow it quickly. The ergonomics are tailored for thumb grip users, but the button placement might not favor hybrid or pinch grip pilots. And those pocket gimbals? Initially challenging but not necessarily a deal-breaker.

Gimbals, Switches, and Similarities with DJI FPV Remote 2

The removable stick ends and pocket gimbals (which really should be called nano gimbals) may seem like a minor feature, but they're part of what makes this device unique. Interestingly, the Pocket does show a clear inspiration from DJI FPV Remote 2, from its button and switch layout to its foldable antenna.

Visual Indicators and Versions

There are LED lights for visual indication (though not game-changing) and two versions: the CC2500 for FreeSky and the ExpressLRS version. The latter comes highly recommended. With 250 milliwatts of output power and full ELRS support, you're set for a long, satisfying flight. Plus, binding is a breeze with a simple Wi-Fi hotspot setup.

Make it Yours and Final Verdict

RadioMaster's customization feature allows you to add personal flair with different colored shells. While there's room for improvement (such as the choice of nano over mini gimbals), the Radiomaster Pocket stands as a solid package. Ideal as a second radio, for travel, or for those just getting started, its value and versatility make it a true contender in the market.

So, if you've been eyeing a quality build FPV controller that doesn't break the bank, the Radiomaster Pocket might just be the device you have been waiting for. It's packed with potential and ready to "send it." Happy flying!

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