The Magic Unveiled: Speedybee F405 Mini Stack

Explore Speedybee's F405 Mini stack: a 20x20mm powerhouse loaded with features, perfect for both mini and larger quads. Dive into Whirly Bloke's review now!

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By Alex
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Whirly Bloke just dropped an insightful video review on the new Speedybee F405 Mini stack, and boy, do we have some juicy details to share! If you loved the F405 V3 stack from Speedybee, you're in for a treat with this mini version. Let's dive right in!

A Mini With Mega Features

Remember the rave about Speedybee's F405 V3 stack? It wasn't just pocket-friendly; it was packed with amazing features. Now, imagine taking that and shrinking it without compromising its capabilities. That's precisely what Speedybee has done with the F405 Mini. Measuring at 20x20 millimeters, it retains all the awesome features of the V3 and sprinkles in some new ones, all for just under $60 or about 50 pounds in the UK. Talk about value!


  • Wireless configuration is a highlight of SpeedyB stacks. The provided app offers all configurations found in Betaflight.

Flight Controller

  • Based on F4 405.
  • Analog OSD chipset; can be connected to digital.
  • Designed for digital VTXs.
  • Built-in Bluetooth; configurable via the SpeedyB app.
  • LED indicators for battery level.
  • Four UARTs.
  • Two BECs: 5V 2A & 9V 2A (though there's some confusion about the 9V being 2A or 3A).
  • Built-in barometer.
  • TVS diode on the ESC for added protection.
  • Gyro: ICM-42688P.
  • Max Linear LDO power supply chip ensuring gyro receives clean power.
  • 100uF tantalum capacitor for noise filtering.
  • USB-C port for configuration and firmware.
  • No plug and play; manual wiring required except for the connector to the ESC.
  • Dedicated pads for digital, DJI Avatar, or HD zero.


  • Based on BLHeli_S (not BLHeli32).
  • 6-layer 2-ounce board.
  • TVS diode for added protection.
  • Japanese TDK filtering capacitors.
  • Rated for 35A; ideal for 2 to 4.5-inch builds but can be used for 5-inch builds depending on motor sizing.
  • 8MB built-in Black Box Storage.

What's in the Box?

The F405 Mini doesn't come alone. It's accompanied by the iconic yellow Speedy B mounting gummies, two sets of mounting hardware (M2 and M3), an XT30 connector, and an ESR noise suppression capacitor suitable for up to 6s. And let's not forget the nifty QR card that allows you to swiftly download the phenomenal Speedy B app, available on both Android and iOS. This app's capabilities? Everything from PID tuning to black box analysis, all wire-free.

Not Just Another Flight Controller

This isn't just another piece of tech. The F405 Mini is a 20 by 20 millimeter flight controller and ESC stack, which is configurable wirelessly with the Speedy B app. Its ESCs run a smooth 35 amp continuous, powered by the BLHeli_S firmware. It boasts 8 Meg of onboard Black Box memory, four uarts, and a barometer. Plus, it's got a TVS protection diode that acts as your guardian against accidental damage. The gyro filtering enhancements and improved capacitor filtering are notable design features that set it apart. And the best part? This mini isn't just for sub-four inch quads. It's powerful enough for five, or even seven-inch quads!

SpeedyB, staying true to its reputation, keeps on wowing us by marrying quality with affordability. How do they manage to pack in such advanced features while keeping the price tag so user-friendly? This stack isn't just priced under $60; for those of you who might be interested, the flight controller and the ESC can also be snagged separately for less than $32 each. For all those eager to get their hands on this gem, don't worry, we've got purchase links waiting for you below.

Speedybee has outdone themselves again, delivering high quality, reliability, and a fantastic form. With a legacy of producing great flight stacks, Speedybee's responsiveness to the FPV community and collaboration with Betaflight and iNav developers proves they're dedicated to serving users exactly what they need.

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