The Tinyhawk FreeStyle.

5 years ago   •   2 min read

By Alex

Emax have released a new shiny quad the Tinyhawk Freestyle edition.

With the new product, They are aiming to provide a product path for existing Tinyhawk owners and beginners to have an easy access to fly, an outdoor quad that excels in flight time, control and durability.

Whats included when you buy?

  • 1x Emax Tinyhawk Freestyle Quad.
  • 2x 1S 450mAh Lipo battery’s.
  • 1x USB charger.
  • 2x Sets (8 props) of Avan 2.5 inch props.

Where to Buy:

Features to highlight:

  • Avoiding plastic to make it stronger for the beginner.
  • 2S lipo with larger props to maximise performance.
  • Based on the TinyHawk S hardware making replacement parts easier to come by.
  • AVAN Rush 2.5inch props giving incredible performance and minimal noise.
  • Only 78 grams fully loaded.

Will this be your first quad or an addiction to your ever growing fleet ?
How long will yours stay white for ?

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