Mismatched CLI and Emax Tinyhawk II: How to Identify Your Version and Fix It

Struggling with CLI issues on your Emax Tinyhawk II? Discover the vital differences between the two FC versions and learn how to fix them. Fly right!

8 months ago   •   3 min read

By Alex
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Are you vexed by your Emax Tinyhawk II Freestyle drone acting like it's had one too many energy drinks? Worry not. We've got the low-down, and it's not just another episode of "Keeping Up with the Quadcopters."

The Identity Crisis of the Tinyhawk II Freestyle FC

First things first. Did you know your beloved Tinyhawk II comes in two flavors? No, we're not talking about "strawberry" and "vanilla" here; we're talking about two distinct versions of the Flight Controller (FC/VTX). It's like finding out your dog has a twin that's been trained by the circus—you can't expect them to perform the same tricks!

Check out the photos, and you'll see that one has the visage of a seasoned warrior, while the other looks like it just graduated from drone college. Not to worry though; both versions are brilliant, but they do require their own unique Command Line Interface (CLI) dumps.  The easy way to tell them apart, is the new FC has the VTX antenna on the underside of the board, while the old one has it on the top.

Get Your Betaflight Act Together

Before you go commando with CLI, make sure you're running the Betaflight firmware version BF4.1.0 on your FC. It's like expecting Shakespearean prose from a first-grader if you don't. Mismatching firmware and CLI is akin to playing heavy metal at a tea ceremony—just don't do it.

CLI: The Rosetta Stone for Your FC

Assuming your firmware is as up-to-date as your Twitter feed, you're ready to delve into the magical world of CLI. Depending on which version of the Tinyhawk II you've got, you'll need to use the appropriate CLI dump. It's like feeding a vegetarian and a carnivore; serve them both a steak, and you'll have one very unhappy camper.

A Few Pointers:

  1. Backup, Backup, Backup!: Before you start tinkering, make sure to backup your existing CLI settings. Because, let's face it, even the best of us make mistakes. It's like taking a selfie before a haircut; you might regret not having it.
  2. Copy-Paste Wizardry: Get the correct CLI dump for your version of the Tinyhawk II and copy-paste it into the CLI tab in Betaflight. If you're successful, your drone should hum a tune that's sweeter than a bard at a renaissance fair.
  3. The Moment of Truth: Disconnect and reboot your Tinyhawk II. If it takes off without doing the Macarena, you've nailed it!
  4. Test Flights: Don't go all Top Gun just yet. Take a few test flights close to the ground to make sure your drone isn't planning a surprise rendezvous with the neighbor's cat.

The Last Laugh

So there you have it! You've just taken your flight school lessons to a new stratosphere. If your Tinyhawk II is still acting like a rebellious teenager, don't despair. Just drop us a line (if you ordered from us), or Emax, and we'll put our drone whisperers on the case.

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