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By Alex

We all know that the Mavic pro is one of the best aerial filming drones given that it produces a great picture, flies a long time and is extremely portable.

However, if you own one, or plan to, here is a list of the best accessories you should consider adding to get the most out of your Mavic.

Mavic Pro Drone

Extra Safety

These accessories include things that will enhance the safety of your Mavic, ideal if flying close to obstacles or indoors.

Propeller Guard


If you plan to fly your mavic indoors, or in close proximity to objects like trees or buildings then you definitely want to get a set of mavic prop guards. This not only allows you to literally bounce off walls, but it also saves your propellers from snapping on impact. The prop guards add minimal weight to your drone, so your flight times will not be affected very much.

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Propeller Cage

Mavic Propeller Cage

Take safety to the next level with the prop cage which completely isolates the propellers from the sides and the top/bottom. This essentially allows you to fly in close proximity to people (get their permission first) in indoor situations. Given the rock solid indoor hover performance this is a logical upgrade should you need to fly in close proximity to objects. The major downside is you also need to use smaller propellers (included with the kit), and this coupled with the extra weight and inefficiency of the cage, reduces the flight time to just 12 minutes. But this is well worth the extra safety.

The propeller cage kit also includes a set of the smaller quick release 7728 propellers that need to be used with the cage so you dont need to buy them separately.

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Our favourite selection of charging accessories for your mavic drone

Mavic Car Charger

DJI Mavic car charger

Since you are likely to be travelling around with the Mavic, whats better than being able to charge your batteries as you travel between locations? Thanks to the official mavic pro car charger you can charge your Mavic batteries via the 12V cigarette lighter in your car. It takes about 54 minutes to fully charge an empty battery with this charger.

The car charger is also compatible with the advanced Mavic charging hub as discussed below

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Cheaper third party mavic car charger that still works well

Mavic Charging Hub

mavic pro charging hub

The number of batteries to take with you each time you go out to fly gives an indication of the seriousness of your #droneaddiction. But if you are anything like me, having the ability to charge more than one battery without your intervention is a great bonus. There are a few third party chargers available, but DJI also have an official solution in the form of the charging hub.

The charging hub comes in two flavours, the regular charging hub, and the advanced charging hub. The main difference is just the charging time. With the basic hub you are looking at about 5 hours to fully charge 4 batteries from empty. The advanced cuts this time down by 1 hour using the standard power supply. But if you also own a phantom 4 charger you can connect both your mavic and phantom 4 charger to charge 4 batteries in as little as 2h30m!

So if you want to charge multiple batteries I highly suggest you go for the advanced version as the time it saves you is well worth the initial extra cost.

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Make Your Mavic Yours

mavic pro decal stickers

One of the cheapest mods for your mavic is to add some custom decal stickers to give it some personality. There is a huge selection of third party decals available on Amazon. And the best part is because the top of the mavic is largely flat, it makes applying the stickers way easier than other drones like the phantom.

Sun Hoods

If you fly outdoors and your smartphone is not particularly bright then it’s a great idea to add a sun hood to your remote control. This blocks direct sunlight and makes it so much easier to view the live video feed from your mavic drone. The cheapest alternative is just try to find some shade to stand/sit under while you fly. But if there is no shade around there are two options currently available. I personally find the bulkiness and assembly hassles of a sun hood not worth it as it is far easier finding some shade. I wish there was some sort of integrated hood but sadly these are your only options

If you have any suggestions of things you like to add to your mavic to make using it easier like a great backpack, join our community and add your suggestion below! The reason why I did not include any backpack is because of the size of the mavic. It just fits into my regular backpack so nicely already.

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