Flashing Taranis EU-LBT Firmware via DFU Dfuse software

8 years ago   •   2 min read

By Alex

We already have shared a guide on how to load firmware onto your Taranis radio, however from time to time that method might fail so you need to use an alternative method. Fortunately there is another option using the ST mico Dfuse software to directly flash the firmware onto your Taranis.

Download the Dfuse software and the EU-LBT firmware

You will need to download and install the Dfuse software from ST website and you will also need the latest version of the Frsky Taranis EU-LBT firmware. I provided links below to download the files. However its probably best to download the latest version of the EU-LBT firmware from the Frsky website just incase the version I included is out of date.

Using Dfuse Demonstration Software

Once installed, launch the Dfuse Demonstration software and plug your Taranis Radio into your PC via a mini USB cable. You dont need to turn on your taranis as the USB cable provides power to the internal electronics.

Once you connect your Taranis radio to the PC you should see it display in the top field of the Dfuse app under the Available DFU Devices field. You should also notice that the checkboxes are selected as shown. You will also notice some of data will be displayed in the Actions section of the app. If not then there is likely a hardware issue with your taranis so you will need to send it back the the factory for repairs.

Flashing the new firmware

Now that you have verified everything looks ok, you can go down to the bottom of the screen and click the choose button. This will allow you to select the opentx_X9DP_mode2_EU.dfu file that you downloaded before (It is located in the downloaded .zip file)

Once you have loaded the .dfu firmware file, you can click on the Verify after download option, and then click the Upgrade button. You will see a progress bar at the bottom of the screen, and once done you should see the Verify successful message appear.

Now you should have the latest version of the Taranis EU-LBT firmware on your X9D+ radio, if you have any issues or questions please let me know and I will be happy to try help.

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