Happymodel Mobula 8: The Best Whoop Drone for Outdoor Flying?

Happy Model's Mobula 8: A 2s Whoop That Can Handle Crashes and Perform Well" - Looking for a durable and high-performing 2s whoop? Check out Happy Model's Mobula 8. This article takes a closer look at its specs, performance, and value.

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By Robyn
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If you're on the hunt for a state-of-the-art bind-and-fly whoop, consider Happy Model's latest offering, the Mobula 8. Powered by the X12 flight controller, this 2s whoop is capable of an impressive 400 milliwatts, courtesy of its built-in, switchable VTX running on open VTX. This article aims to scrutinize the Mobula 8's features and evaluate its value as an investment.


Sporting an 85 millimeter wheelbase and a dry weight of just 43 grams, the Mobula 8 comes equipped with Happy Model's ex1103 11,000 KV motors and Gemfan tri-blades. It operates on the X12 flight controller that is preloaded with ELRS 2.0, so it's crucial to ensure your TX is compatible. The Mobula 8's built-in VTX, which also runs open VTX, is capable of switching up to a hefty 400 milliwatts. Its package includes a CaddxFPV Ant FPV camera, a joystick board for fine-tuning camera settings, and an additional canopy. The battery tray might require some tweaking to accommodate certain batteries, but it's secured effectively with a plastic piece and the duct.


The Mobula 8 boasts a sturdy frame that can endure severe crashes. Its frontal TPU piece surrounding the canopy serves as a protective lip for the camera lens, though it might occasionally obstruct the camera view if it becomes dislodged. Primarily flown on 2s with China hobby line 450 batteries, the Mobula 8 consistently delivers over four minutes of flight time. Its acro freestyle performance is remarkable, especially when flown on 2s as compared to 1s. This makes it an excellent choice for enthusiasts seeking a versatile Acro whoop.


As of the time of this review, the Mobula 8 is available for $117/ Β£95 on platforms like Banggood or Unmanned Tech. Considering its features, this price tag is justifiable for an 85 millimeter, 2s whoop. Happy Model's Mobula 8 is a nifty little ripper that offers outstanding value for its price.

The Verdict

The consensus among users is that the Mobula 8, with its robust frame and powerhouse performance, is an excellent buy. Its factory tuning is well-received, and its 1103 1100kv 85mm 2s setup is a crowd favorite. The Mobula 8 shines as a great pick for outdoor flying and learning new stunts. Some reservations exist due to quality issues with other Happy Model products, such as the Diamond FC. Despite this, the Mobula 8's durability, performance, and positive reviews make it an outstanding option for a 2s 2-inch whoop, perfect for backyard and playground flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the recommended battery for the Mobula 8?
    The recommended battery for the Mobula 8 is a 2s 450 hobby line battery.
  2. Is the Mobula 8 durable?
    Yes, the Mobula 8 is very durable and can handle hard crashes.
  3. What is the purpose of the TPU piece up front around the canopy?
    The TPU piece acts as a little bit more of a lip to protect the camera lens.
  4. What is the weight of the Mobula 8?
    The weight of the Mobula 8 is 43 grams dry.
  5. Where can I purchase the Mobula 8?
    The Mobula 8 can be purchased on Banggood or Unmanned Tech.

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