Moso Lipo Condom Guide

8 years ago   •   1 min read

By Alex

Its very important to use protection, especially with your Lipo batteries. The Moso Lipo Condom is made with high quality abrasion resistant materials, effectively protecting your lipo battery in flight and minimizing impact. The silicone case not only protects your battery from the elements, but it also stops it from sliding around your quadcopter.

How to choose the correct size

There are a variety of sizes available to fit most batteries. Using the table below, choose the correct size for your lipo battery. Is more important to get the correct width for your battery, if the length is too long, as you can cut it back down to size.

How put a lipo condom on

To put one on is relatively simple. Put the battery inside and pull the condom down over the battery as shown in the images below.

The final step is to cut off any excess so that it just covers the battery wires.

So thats it, now you can use your lipo confidently knowing you have extra protection, we also have a variety of colours for the moso lipo condom available depending on your preferences.

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