New Emax RS2205 S Motor!

8 years ago   •   2 min read

By Sam

We at Unmanned Tech have just been informed of the imminent release of the RS2205 S Motors from Emax – an updated and even better version of the RS2205 motors we have all come to love other the last few months. Here’s what one looks like…

They look pretty cool but what are the new features? Well we haven’t had one to test yet but here are some of the key features that we have been informed about.

Key Features

  • Hollow hardened steel prop shaft
  • N52SH Curved Magnets
  • Genuine Japanese NMB bearings
  • 100g+ more thrust then previous RS2205
  • Bell Retaining Screw: NO MORE E-Clips!!!
  • EMAX Cooling system: keeps motor cool at high amp output.
  • 2 Grams lighter then previous RS2205

Here’s a little comparison in size with the RS2205…

And here’s an example of the N52SH curved magnets, the hallowed steel prop shaft and the bell retainer screw

So when will they be available to purchase I hear you cry? We expect our first delivery at Unmanned Tech in the beginning of November 2016 so not too long to wait! Keep your eyes peeled…


We now have these motors in stock! They can be found on our page listing here. All the new info can also be found on our page listing.

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