The Walksnail Goggles X: A Blend of Modularity, Connectivity, and User-centric Design

Explore the initial buzz around Walksnail Goggles X in the FPV community. Delve into the design perks, potential upgrades, and user comparisons.

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It's the dawn of an exciting era for drone enthusiasts and aviators! The highly anticipated Walksnail Snail Goggle X has made its grand entrance, and the FPV community is buzzing. With a slick design and a plethora of new features, these goggles promise to redefine your flying experience. This article delves into the first impressions of these goggles, as shared in a recent video by Painless360 and Nick Burns. Let's dive into the world of Snail Goggle X and see what's under the hood.

In a market steadily evolving towards modularity and user-friendly designs, the Walksnail Goggles X emerges as a promising candidate for drone enthusiasts. Two seasoned reviewers, Nick Burns and Painless360, share their initial impressions, shedding light on the various features and potential the goggles hold for both newcomers and seasoned drone pilots.

The Good:

  • Modular Design: The goggles are meticulously designed with modularity at its core, allowing for future upgrades, notably a new RX for enhanced range. The removable top cover for VRX access and heat dissipation indicates a forward-thinking design for upgrade paths.
  • Connectivity: With HDMI input/output, AV in, and CVBS input, the goggles offer a variety of connectivity options that cater to a broader spectrum of users.
  • Optics & Display: Enhanced optical clarity and a 1080p screen with a 1000 FPS are significant upgrades that promise a better visual experience.
  • Performance: Initial testing showcased a vivid, immersive display with a satisfactory user experience. The increase in Field of View to 50° was particularly appreciated for its improved screen corner visibility.
  • Price Point: At $459, with a fair bundle of accessories (excluding a battery pack), the price point is competitive and resonates well with the value offered.
  • User Feedback Incorporation: Walksnail's responsiveness to user feedback and continuous efforts to enhance their products as mentioned by Painless360 is a sign of a brand committed to delivering value.

The Bad:

  • Comfort & Fit: Both reviewers pointed out the light leak around the cheeks and nose, necessitating a better design to cater to different face shapes. The foam around the lenses and the structure design might require modification for a snug fit.
  • Operational Glitches: Nick mentions that the HDMI does not support 1080p at 100 FPS at this early stage of firmware, requiring a reduction to 60 FPS. Walksnail have said this will be fixed soon
  • Accessory Completeness: The exclusion of a battery pack might require users to spend extra, making the total cost of ownership slightly higher.

A Closer Look

Design and Modularity

At the heart of the Walksnail Goggles X lies a modular design, a deliberate foresight aimed at future upgrades. Nick accentuates the device’s new RX module for an extended range, while Painless360 commends the completely redesigned optics compared to its predecessor. The removable top cover, facilitating heat dissipation, and the accessible VRX underscore a thought-out design for upgrade paths.


Both reviewers appreciate the shift to standard HDMI input and output from the USB-C display out in the previous model. This alteration caters to a broader spectrum of connectivity, enhancing user experience. Additionally, AV inputs are highlighted, indicating a well-rounded approach to connectivity.

Pricing and Accessories

Priced at $459, 569€, £459, 2999 RMB the goggles come with antennas, a battery strap, cleaning cloth, and a carrying case, excluding a battery pack. While the price point is acknowledged positively by Nick, the comprehensive accessory bundle adds value to the purchase, making it a fair deal.

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Comfort and Fit

The goggles' fit and comfort draw mixed reviews. Nick mentions a notable light leak around the cheeks and nose, a sentiment echoed by Painless360, who also notes a need for precise alignment to hit the "sweet spot" for optimal viewing. Both reviewers suggest that the foam around the lenses might need a replacement for a better fit, hinting at room for improvement in design to cater to various face shapes.

Visual and Operational Experience

Nick sheds light on the HDMI's incapability to support 1080p at 100 FPS, requiring a reduction to 60 FPS, while Painless360 highlights an enhanced optical clarity with a 1080p screen. The increased IPD (Interpupillary Distance) adjustment range is a welcome change, providing a better visual experience. The LED panel customization on the front cover and a mobile app in development hint at a user-centric approach aiming at enhancing operational experience.

Performance and Usability

The Field of View (FOV) increase to 50° is warmly received by Nick, as it significantly improves screen corner visibility. Painless360 shares a similar sentiment, lauding the vivid, immersive display. The unchanged menu system retains familiarity for existing Walksnail users, making the transition to the new model smoother.

Should You Buy One?

The Walksnail Goggles X makes a compelling case with its modular design, enhanced connectivity, and user-centric features. The goggles not only stand as a testament to Walksnail's commitment to iterative design based on user feedback but also offer a gateway to the expansive Walksnail VTX ecosystem. This ecosystem flourishes with options catering to all sizes of FPV drones, ensuring that your investment transcends beyond just a pair of goggles into a well-knit network of drone technology.

While there’s room for improvement in comfort and fit, the goggles stand out with their potential for future upgrades and a price point that resonates well with the market. Both Nick Burns and Painless360 hint at a promising journey ahead for Walksnail Goggles X, rendering it a noteworthy consideration for individuals invested in the drone ecosystem.

FPV Community Initial Impressions

The unveiling of the Walksnail Goggles X has stirred a blend of excitement and curiosity within the FPV community. A notable interest lies in the removable front plate, hinting at potential customization from aftermarket brands like TrueRC, iFlight, and AXii. The flexibility offered by the Walksnail VTX ecosystem for different FPV drone sizes also received positive nods.

Technical enthusiasts are eyeing the HDMI input functionality for potential use with PC flight simulators and are intrigued by the potential head tracking features. Questions around lens customization for different vision needs and the comfort of wearing glasses with these goggles have emerged. The absence of a power switch, a feature cherished in older models, was identified as a drawback.

Comparisons with other models like the Fatshark Dominator HD and DJI goggles were inevitable, with some individuals seeking clarity on the optics quality. The community is keen on viewing more flight videos to better understand the goggles' performance.

The goggles' modularity and potential for upgrades have been well-received, albeit with some disappointment over missing features like an OLED screen. Despite the enthusiasm, a segment of the community is adopting a wait-and-see approach, keen on gauging the goggles' performance post-launch before making a purchase. Light-hearted remarks and playful banter, especially around the goggles' frame rate specification, added a touch of humor to the discussions, reflecting a community keen on innovation but with a discerning eye on functionality, comfort, and value for money.

Thank you for soaring through this deep dive into the Walksnail Goggles X. Now, it's your turn to pilot the discussion. Have you taken the Walksnail Goggles X for a spin in the wild blue yonder? How do they fare against other contenders in the FPV arena? Is the Walksnail VTX ecosystem a game-changer for your quad escapades? Drop your two cents and FPV anecdotes in the comments below. Whether you're a rotor rioter or a Bandoflyer, your input helps keep our FPV community buzzing. Ready to engage? Hit the comments and let's keep the propellers of conversation spinning!

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