TMC Airblade and R369 - Two New Quads from Diatone

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By Alex

Diatone have recently released two (or 3 depending how you count) quadcopters in the 3 inch category. With the Airblade, and the R369 additions, Diatone pretty much have the 3 inch quad category nailed down to meet everyone’s needs. Lets take a look at them

Diatone have been releasing alot of new products this last week, with the highlight being the GTX549, a stylish and novel moulded carbon quadcopter. But its also great to see the R369 which is essentially a F7, 6S version of the already popular R349 quad. And the all new Airblade is a 3 inch cinematic freestyle quad that includes either the 4K Tarsier camera, or the Caddx Turtle to record HD video.

R369 6S 3 Inch Quadcopter

The R369 uses the same perfectly decent frame used on the R349 kits released around 6 month ago so nothing new here. But the R369 focuses on being a 6S micro quad with new electronics inside. The Mamba F722 Mini flight stack is at the heart which key features include BLheli32, MPU6000 gyro, F7 MCU and a built in Bluetooth module that makes in field configuration easy via the SpeedyBee App. This quad also adds a LED bar at the top of the canopy to add some flair to your quad.

The other electronics have also been updated with the quad using the Foxeer Pradator V4 Micro camera, TBS Triumph Pro Antenna hooked up to a Unify Pro (800mW). The motors are the same MB1408 motors but now have a lower KV for 6S, although the KV is on the higher side typical of Diatone PNP’s to give you more power/speed.

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TMC Airblade 3 Inch Cinematic Freestyle Quad

Nowadays I would almost prefer flying 3 inch quads for freestyle if it wasn’t for the lack of a gopro. Smaller quads allow you to hit gaps easier and are usually cheaper to repair after a crash to some extent. But thanks to HD FPV cameras like the Caddx Tarsier that let you easily record in HD for minimal space/weight, 3 inch cinematic quads are becoming more popular and the Airblade is Diatones take on this micro cinematic quadcoter category.

The Airblade comes in two variations, the first includes the Caddx Turtle HD camera, and the more expensive second option includes the Caddx Tarsier 4K camera. Other than that the two kits are identical with them both being based around the new Mamba F405 Mini MK2 stack. This is currently our recommended flight stack as it packs most of the features you want at an excellent price and has solid reliability. Otherwise the electronics are similar to that of the R349 with MB1408 4000Kv motors, Unify VTX and TBS Triumph Pro Antenna.

In terms of good alternatives the Cinebee 4K from Iflight is aiming for the same function, and depending on your preferences maybe a slightly smaller frame along with ducted propellers may be preferable to you.

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