ViFly Whoop Store 3 - The Ultimate Whoop Battery Charging Solution?

Explore the latest Whoop Store Three from ViFly - an upgraded, reliable Whoop battery charger with improved design, cooling, controls, and more!

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By Alex
Nick Burns holding the Vifly Whoopstor V3
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Since the inception of FPV drones, the battery charging process has been an integral part of the hobby. Today, we're taking a closer look at the newest addition to ViFly's charging lineup - the Whoop Store 3. The original Whoop Store from ViFly earned its stripes in the community thanks to its practicality and simplicity, but how does the third version stack up?

A Brief History

Before discussing the Whoop Store 3, it's crucial to highlight the earlier products in this line, specifically the original Whoop Store and the ViFly Whoop series board. The series board offers an efficient way to charge multiple 1S batteries simultaneously. It connects to the charger using the 6S balance tap and a voltage lead. You can plug your batteries in, set the rotating control to the number of cells, and start charging.

The original Whoop Store takes the concept of the series board, encapsulating it into a compact and portable device. It allows for a more on-the-go charging solution, a perfect companion for drone outings. The Whoop Store featured basic controls, was powered by a USB, a DC connector, or an XT60, and sported an open design.

Enter The Whoop Store 3

With the Whoop Store 3, ViFly has taken the valuable feedback from users and has made substantial improvements over its predecessors. The most noticeable changes are its much sleeker, enclosed design, and the addition of a cooling fan for when discharging batteries.

One significant upgrade is the addition of separate buttons for voltage setting and start/stop. Unlike the original Whoop Store where the voltage setting was handled by a flick switch, now there's a dedicated button for that.

Another nice feature is that the device also includes a discharge feature, allowing users to bring batteries back to a storage voltage if you are not going to fly for some time.

Furthermore, all connectors are on top of the device, making it much easier to plug everything in. But perhaps the most significant changes come in the form of a color screen and memory capabilities. The screen gives you more information about the charging process, while the memory feature retains the settings even when the device is turned off and on again.


The Whoop Store 3 can charge batteries at a maximum current of 1.3 amps per port. It supports both PH 2.0 and BT 2.0 connectors. It offers a discharge function too, which allows for returning batteries to a safe voltage if you don't plan on flying soon.

The input voltage range is from 6 volts to 26, meaning it can accommodate a 2S to 6S battery. It also offers USB input with a voltage range of 9 to 20 volts.

The device itself weighs around 140 grams and measures 180x55x30mm. It supports XT60, a DC 5.5x2.1mm Jack, and USBC, which is PD 3.0 compatible.

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While the Whoop Store 3 does not reinvent the wheel, it certainly refines it. It combines all the beloved features of the original Whoop Store and improves on them, delivering a more user-friendly and efficient charging solution. However, if you already own the original Whoop Store, the new features might not warrant an upgrade unless you're particularly drawn to the improvements. But for new buyers, the Whoop Store 3 delivers a robust, compact, and efficient solution for managing and charging Whoop batteries.

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