Walksnail Goggles X: Navigating the Heat Wave

Explore Walksnail Goggles X overheating fix: Mads Tech's thermal test reveals right display issues, prompting Walksnail's proactive solution.

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In the gadget galaxy, where innovation and functionality orbit around user satisfaction, Walksnail's Goggles X recently encountered a turbulent zone of thermal issues. Users have reported overheating, particularly affecting the right-hand display. This wasn't just a minor glitch but a significant issue that caught the attention of the community and, importantly, the manufacturer. Mads Tech, a YouTube channel known for its detailed tech reviews, took the lead in conducting an exhaustive thermal testing of these goggles, shedding light on the problem.

TL;DR: Walksnail's Goggles X overheating isn't a fundamental flaw, but Walksnail's swift response to potential issues reflects their dedication to quality and customer care.

The Heat Dilemma Unveiled

Users faced the bizarre phenomenon of the right display either shutting down or morphing colors, with some witnessing a kaleidoscope of yellow and green hues. Interestingly, this issue was more pronounced in HDMI input mode, but it wasn't exclusive to it. It was akin to a digital chameleon that couldn't decide on its colors. Walksnail's initial take pointed towards an overheating issue, and the response included firmware updates and a rather unconventional offer of a new heat sink to one user.

Inside the Goggles X

Mads Tech's deep dive into the Goggles X revealed a design replete with vents and fans, seemingly well-equipped to handle thermal regulation. However, the reality was a bit more complex. The thermal camera analysis highlighted a significant temperature imbalance, with the right side of the goggles noticeably warmer than the left. It was as if one side was lounging in the tropics, while the other remained in a cooler climate.

This temperature imbalance wasn't just an inconvenience but a potential threat to the device's performance and durability. It's one thing to wear goggles for an immersive experience, quite another to feel like you're donning a mini sauna.

Walksnail's Acknowledgment and Action Plan

Walksnail didn't just sit back and watch; they acknowledged the issue and expressed their regret. In a commendable move, they promised to provide a heat board to users grappling with overheating problems and have refined their manufacturing process to mitigate future instances. This proactive stance is a beacon of hope for users who found themselves in this hot mess.

See Walksnail/Caddx Facebook Post on the issue here - https://fb.watch/prMmyVl2tQ/

Mads Tech's Real-World Experiment

In a bid to replicate the issue, Mads Tech embarked on a rigorous test, placing the goggles in a heated environment akin to a 3D printer. The results were fascinating. The right display only succumbed under extreme conditions, reminiscent of a gadget's version of an endurance test.


While the Goggles X from Walksnail aren't fundamentally flawed, they do exhibit a vulnerability under thermal duress. The steps taken by Walksnail, including issuing heat boards and enhancing their production process, are a testament to their commitment to quality and customer care.

For those experiencing this fiery ordeal, there's a ray of hope. Check the temperatures, and if they're not scorching, a faulty component could be the troublemaker. For the fortunate ones not facing this issue, enjoy the ride minus the heat worry.

In a world where technology is pushed to its limits, a cool response to a hot issue can make all the difference. Remember to stay tuned for more updates.

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