Worlds Adrift FPV Simulator from with over 1000 places to fly

4 years ago   •   1 min read

By Alex

One of TheFPV team pilots (SyncFPV) who’s day job is a game developer has been spending some time (when we would of otherwise been flying but cant because of the lockdown) working on some tweaks of his very own FPV simulator. And today is the day that its polished enough to release to the world.

The best part of this is the sheer amount of places to fly in this game. There are over 1000 islands that you can explore through FPV. And you can also make your own island in a matter of minutes as the tool the simulator is built on is fundamentally an island creator.

Physics and rates are all easily editable to get it to feel just how you want, so if you got some time to kill and want to have some FPV fun, be sure to check it out on steam –

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