Speedy B Mario 5 Frame Review: A High-Flying Bargain?

Speedy B Mario 5 Frame Review: Thick arms, clever design, and unbeatable price - discover if this is your next dream drone build!

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By Alex
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Today we take an in-depth look at Speedy B's latest offering in the drone frame market, the Mario 5 Frame. Available in two distinctive styles, this frame packs a punch in both features and affordability. Let's dive in, shall we?


Speedy B, known for their budget-friendly yet quality drone frames, has recently launched the Mario 5 Frame, available in two designs: the Dead Cat (DC) style and the Classic X (XH) style. The DC style is particularly intriguing for those into GoPro flying, offering a unique layout that caters to aerial photography enthusiasts.

Build Quality and Design

Crafted from T300 3K carbon fiber, the Mario 5 Frame boasts impressive durability. The top and bottom plates measure a sturdy 2.5mm, while the middle plate is slightly thinner at 2mm. The arms, measuring a robust 6mm, promise resilience for those inevitable crash landings.

Price Point: A Steal!

At a base price of about $34, with an advanced version featuring additional enhancements for an extra $6, this frame represents exceptional value. For under $40, drone builders can access a high-quality frame in two flavors – a bargain not to be missed!


  • Maximum Prop Size: 5.1 inches – perfect for 5in quad setups.
  • Flight Control Mounts: 30.5mm mounts, ideal for common controllers like the F4 B2.
  • VTX Mounting Options: Both 20x20mm and 25.5x25.5mm options available.
  • Internal Mounting Height: Ranging from 23 to 31mm.
  • Receiver Space: 35x13x6mm – accommodating most receivers on the market.
  • Capacitor Recess: 10x20mm – a thoughtful addition for capacitor placement.

Additional Features

  • Silicone Battery Anti-Slip Pads: Included in the kit for enhanced stability.
  • GPS Mount: Optional, with a size of 16x16x7mm.
  • 3D Printable Files: Available online for custom modifications.

Where To Buy

Building Experience

Building the Mario 5 Frame is straightforward, thanks to the comprehensive manual available on the Speedy B website. However, for beginners, the manual could benefit from additional step-by-step instructions. The tight tolerances in the design ensure a snug fit of components, though caution is advised during assembly to avoid missteps.

Unique Design Elements

  • Capacitor Bay: A cleverly designed space for capacitor placement, avoiding clutter.
  • Interchangeable Arms: Easy to replace, which is a boon for repairability.
  • Frame Protection with LEDs: An optional add-on for those seeking extra flair.
  • Battery Strap Guides: Integrated into various parts of the frame for secure battery placement.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable: Hard to beat in terms of value for money.
  • Quality Material: Robust carbon fiber construction.
  • User-Friendly Design: Thoughtful features like the capacitor bay and VTX mounting options.
  • Customizability: 3D printable files for personalized modifications.


  • Complex Assembly for Beginners: The manual could be more detailed for novice builders.
  • Limited Flight Control Mount Size: Only fits 30.5mm mounts, which might be restrictive for some setups.

Conclusion: Soaring High on a Budget

The Speedy B Mario 5 Frame is a testament to the brand's commitment to affordable quality. Whether you're a seasoned drone enthusiast or a newbie, this frame offers a blend of durability, functionality, and style at a price that's hard to ignore. So, whether you're building a new drone or upgrading an old friend, the Mario 5 Frame is a choice worth considering.

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