Up Your FPV Game With Walksnail's New Racing Mode Firmware

Walksnail dropped a major firmware update unlocking a new low-latency racing mode to amp FPV performance. With tweaks for higher frame rate, resolution, and OSD customization, it takes aim at HDZero's latency crown.

10 months ago   •   3 min read

By Alex
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Yo FPV pilots! Buckle up because Walksnail just dropped a firmware update that's going to change the game - introducing version 30.40.15 with a brand new low-latency "racing mode"!

Step on the Gas in Racing Mode

If you've been looking to amp up the speed and take your FPV flights to the next level, racing mode is for you. Here's what it brings to the table:

  • Switchable between standard and race modes right in the interface - once you flip to race mode, the goggles will restart and lock in the settings
  • Dialed in racing channels from R1 to R8 spaced 20 MHz apart to avoid interference
  • Default race channel is RP (racing public) - switches to your preset race channel once it picks up signal from your air unit to avoid crossover with other pilots
  • Resolution locked at 540p for high frame rate performance
  • Bitrate fixed at standard level to optimize latency - you won't be able to bump up to "High"
  • Frame rate locked to "High" for minimal delay between video frames

With these tweaks, Walksnail is promising "stabilized low latency" so you can fly faster and more precisely. We're talking less lag and fewer moments of frozen video. Sounds good to me!

How does it Stack Up to HDZero?

Walksnail's new racing mode firmware promises "stabilized low latency" - but how does it compare to the current leader in FPV latency, HDZero?

HDZero made waves with its sub 20ms latency by utilizing a proprietary analog-digital video transmission protocol. Walksnail is taking a different approach by optimizing settings like frame rate, resolution, and bitrate within purely dogital FPV.

While we'll have to wait for side-by-side tests to see exact latency numbers, a key advantage of Walksnail's update is that you can get the best of both worlds, crystal clear HD FPV, or sacrifice quality for a stable low latency 520p racing mode fpv feed, all with the same equipment!

If Walksnail can get their system compatible to analog latency, it could bring the benefits of high speed FPV to more pilots without requiring expensive upgrades. The early signs are promising, but we'll be keeping a close eye to see how it stacks up against HDZero once test results start rolling in!

Camera and Display Upgrades

Aside from racing mode, this update also brings some camera and display improvements:

  • Better low light noise reduction for the FPV camera so you can keep ripping when the sun goes down
  • Rotation fix for the IMU in Gyroflow for cleaner footage
  • Support for the HD Nano Kit V3 voltage display bug
  • Fix for OSD font and display issues like flickering and syncing

Customize Your View

More control over the on-screen display means you can really make the FPV view your own. With this  version you get:

  • Support for 16 different custom OSD fonts instead of just 3
  • New built-in fonts for Betaflight and Quicksilver
  • Default OSD font files stored on your SD card for editing and portability
  • DVR playback uses the same OSD font as your flight footage for familiarity
  • Option to split long DVR clips to avoid disconnected files when signal drops

So not only can you fly like a legend with the low latency, you can also customize your on-screen data and playback to match your style.

Take it to the Next Level

If you're ready to step up your FPV game and chase that ultra-responsive flight feeling, Walksnail's version 30.40.15 racing firmware seems up to the task. With upgrades across the board from latency and camera performance to OSD and DVR, it's looking like a release that both racers and freestylers can get behind.

Let us know if you take these new tweaks for a spin! We want to hear how that buttery-smooth low latency treats you and see your new OSD designs. If the updates live up to the hype in testing, racing mode could become the new hotness in FPV. Big props to Walksnail for pushing the envelope!

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