X200 Vertical Arm Quadcopter Frame Review

6 years ago   •   4 min read

By Alex

If you are sold on the fact that vertical arms give you more thrust (as much as 30% extra) you may have come across some of the original vertical quadcopter frames like the Karearea Talon, or the Moka Jadina. But what happens if you do not want to fork out some $100 for a frame? Well, as usual, you go shopping in China to find something similar for less, or if you just go and by an all out clone. Origins of the design aside, in this article we are looking at the unbranded X200 Gearbest sent us to look at.

The Good

  • Comparatively low price compared to other vertical arm frames.
  • 4mm vertical arms for better efficiency and tracking while flying.
  • Option to use either 30×30 or 20x20mm stacks.
  • Includes all the tools you need to build it.
  • Cage is easy to remove to work on electronics.
  • GoPro mounting option on the top, but the mount is not included.
  • Decent FPV camera protection.
  • Decent carbon fiber cuts.
  • Horizontal strut braces keep the frame very rigid.

The Bad

  • You could argue the design crosses or comes very close to rip-off design territory of the Karearea Talon.
  • Not necessarily a cheap frame in general, when compared to other Chinese, made frames (although for vertical arm frames it is cheap).
  • Would be nice to have a chamfer on the carbon arms.
  • Vertical arms mean you have to use a 4in1 ESC
  • Includes a cheap battery strap that might just break if you breathe on it too hard.

Why should you get this frame?

Overall the X200 (very similar to the Real1) is a solid frame overall that is affordable, easy to build and service. Weighing in at 98g, this frame is not exactly ultralight, but its definitely not heavy for a 5-inch quad. However, when flying I expect this frame to feel a lot lighter due to the vertical arms allowing the motors to make more effective thrust. It might not have some of the subtle premium touches of more expensive vertical arm frames, but it is also about half the price. Apart from the decent quality frame parts I particularly like that you can use either a 20×20 or 30×30 stack. End of the day, if you want a cheaper vertical arm frame you can’t go wrong with the X200) and I do recommend it.

Where to Buy

Build Photos

At this stage I have only had a chance to look at the frame itself so below are some photos of the quick build.ย  I will be completing the build with all the electronics and will link to it here.

Is it the same as the RealAcc Real1?

At first glance, you may think this is a re-branded Realacc Real1 frame, and yes they do look similar. But when you look closer you can tell that this X200 is more of a refinement to the real1 design. The main change is that the central cross aluminium part is entirely aluminium whereas the real1 uses a carbon fibre central piece. I like this design as it is easier to build, and uses fewer screws, you could also argue it is stronger. Other subtle differences are the arm shape (and size), and different shape cutouts on the other parts. Overall this X200 is a higher quality frame and well worth the extra price in my opinion.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or comments let me know. Keep those motors spinning!

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