Unveiling the Surprises from an Unheard-of FPV Motor Manufacturer: ZT Innovate

Unveiling ZT Innovate's powerful FPV motors; detailed review by Chris Rosser reveals exceptional performance, quality, and value

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The Unexpected Powerhouse in the FPV Motor World: A Deep Dive into ZT Innovate's Motors

TL:DR - In this piece, we're exploring the groundbreaking motor test findings from an unfamiliar name, ZT Innovate. Based on the in-depth review and motor testing by Chris Rosser, we highlight key performance details and unique features that differentiate these motors from the competition. We will also examine the implications of these motors for the FPV community.

The ZT Innovate Motor Arrival

Chris Rosser, a well-known figure in the FPV community, recently got his hands on a set of motors from a relatively unheard-of company named ZT Innovate. Despite his initial skepticism due to their lack of reputation in the market, the performance results were surprisingly good, leading Rosser to share his detailed examination and insights through his video.

Unboxing and Initial Observations

At first glance, the motors come in a standard 2207 size with a high KV rating of 2040, making them more suitable for 5S and potentially compatible with 4S. The motor's aesthetics follow a vibrant red and black color scheme. Moreover, the motor featured a two-piece bell design, with the top part made from machined aluminum and the lower flux ring bonded beneath it.

Diving into the Details

What sets these motors apart are the little details. For instance, the ZT Innovate motors miss out on the o-ring cushion found in many other premium motors between the bell and the top bearing, which could potentially provide additional crash protection.

Performance Test Results

Rosser's performance tests revealed some striking results. ZT Innovate's motors showed higher thrust than the likes of WASP Major, GTS V4, and the 533 heads up 2207, all reputable names in the FPV world. Interestingly, despite the high KV and associated thrust, they did not seem to suffer the usual efficiency penalty. In a torque vs RPM test, the ZT Innovate motors also stood out, maintaining peak torque at high RPMs, contrary to common misconceptions about high KV motors.

The Secret Behind the Performance

The secret behind this impressive performance lies in the silver-plated copper wire utilized in the ZT Innovate motors. Unlike the usual copper wire used in many motors, this silver plating offers better electrical and thermal conductivity without a substantial increase in cost, leading to superior motor performance.

The silver plated copper windings give the ZT motors the performance edge

Are ZT Innovate's Motors Worth It?

The final verdict, according to Rosser, is that these motors could offer an excellent performance-to-price ratio for anyone willing to try out a new brand. While they come from a direct manufacturer without retail margins, their initial build quality and performance are impressive. However, as with any new brand, the longevity and consistent quality are yet to be validated.

That's a wrap on our in-depth look at the intriguing FPV motors from ZT Innovate, based on Chris Rosser's informative video review. It's clear that these motors are a potential game-changer in the FPV scene, offering performance, quality, and value that may challenge the industry's heavyweights.

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